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Found 17 results

  1. This is ambitious, but I am sick of losing! For my own benefit, I am going to populate counter formations, like it was done in back in the day. I am somewhat inexperienced with this, so it will be done by researching threads, trial and error and most importantly...suggestions from you! *If there are any blindingly obvious counter formations, please let me know and I will populate the list and credit you* To counter 4-4-2 A, To counter 4-4-1-1 To counter 4-3-3 A, To counter 4-5-1 A, To counter 3-4-3, To counter 3-5-2, To counter 3-
  2. Alright so I used a 433B formation in the previous season and was 2nd place. This season I've only won 4 out of my first 9 games while drawing or losing the rest to teams I should be beating. Please I need help with tactics and formation. Ps I'm about to sign a player but I cant decide between Robertson in exchange for heavy cash and reguilon or Savic in exchange for cash and two players(pasalic and a winger). Thanks to anyone who replies with helpful tips. P.s It is also worth noting that I finished 2nd on goal difference and had a 23 game unbeaten streak and 12 game win streak within th
  3. Can anyone please help me with the tactics. I have a good team but the problem is that I am not getting the tactics right. Please help. This is the screen short of my team
  4. Can you use man Man marking and Men behind the ball at the same time??
  5. I need tactical Help! In a Gameworld use someone always the 4-2-3-1B with arrows like the picture & is for some time in a row unbeaten! > Team Instructions Tackling: Hard Mentality: Attack Passing: Mixed Attacking: Down Booth Flanks Tempo: Slow Pressing: Own Half > Play Style (maybe) Counter Attack Tight Marking Men Behind the Ball > Player Instructions: I don't know Can someone HELP me, wich tactical System can beat the 4-2-3-1B (also with wich Formation, Team Instructions, Pl
  6. how do you think about this tactic? does it work on your team? I'm doing pretty well with her, but I want to make it up, you have some ideas like that?
  7. After a while away from the game and exploring other soccer managing avenues i have returned to our oh so beloved game to win some more damn trophies and shame these brits! (lmfao, i'm just kidding britain, you know i love you). ANYWAYS, down to business! I call this new tactic, lets call it a leap of faith. because you are literally commiting your results to the hands of madness. Firstly: Formation We will be going with the amazing, bedazzling 3-3-4* Formation (*-with some editing) I'm sure you can see why i called it a leap of faith. If there is one thi
  8. Somehow I am 14 games into my World Championship with PSG sitting in 17th place. No matter what formation I run, no matter what tactics I use, I keep on loosing games. My squad is: De Gea, Godin, Cavani, Koke, Nainngolan, Di Maria, Marquinos, Lukaku, Immobile, Van Dijk, Keita, Rabiot, Mustafi, Krychowiak, Florenzi, Pastore, Texeira, Trapp, Kimpembe, Berchiche, and Lo Celso For some reason this team cannot keep possession and concedes a good 3 goals a game. I've tried some of the instructions on the main posts here on how to play possession tactics and none of them worked. I feel
  9. My tactics view is not updating with current condition. Any ideas? Thank you, Clatyn
  10. My Real Madrid team is not getting good results at all. Playing with 4-2-3-1 wide formation, my team isnt scoring well and Ronaldo isnt playing well at all. And almost every match my team misses tons of chances. E.g. Last match vs Napoli my team had 10shots on target, 1 goal. Napoli 1 shot on target 1 goal. Please help with the tactics and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Please. My first 11 and tactics is attached. Results - Played 6 matches, W2D2L2 Goals scored - 9 , conceded 10. Am 9th in my league of 14 teams.
  11. Everybody has been looking for the formula, well here it is!!!. Firstly : Formation Best,most effective and most guaranteed, is the 4-3-3B* Formation. * - With some editing. The Fullbacks - Will both have arrows drawn to the attacking side. (Do not adjust your two central defenders) The Midfield - Your number 6 aka DM will have an arrow drawn to the defensive side. Your number 7 aka AM will have an arrow drawn to the attacking side. Your number 8 aka CM will have no arrow drawn!!!!!. The Attack -
  12. How can I play (mostly) draw with my av.78 team against an av. 90 team? My opponent always uses the following instructions: formation: 4222 mentality: defensive tackling style: normal passing style: mixed tempo: normal attacking style: down both flanks pressing: own half IExample of my opponents squad: Buffon (95) Potzmann (82) - Barzagli (91) - Carrick (90) - Evra (89) Gabi (91) - De Rossi (92) Harnik (86) -
  13. Hi Guys. I've recently come back to SM after a year hiatus. First time I played with Spurs in a Custom GW did average. This time I'm in a Custom GW with experienced friends so need help regarding my Real Madrid first 11, and formation. My team, Navas(92) Carvajal(92) Ramos(95) Varane(92) Marcelo(95) Modric(95) Kroos(95) Bale(95) Isco(93) Ronaldo(99) Benzema(94) Bench - Dzeko(92),Casemiro(92),Asensio(91),Vasquez(90),Nacho(90),Kovacic
  14. Hey guys, so basically I took over this club from another manager and I find it hard to set a proper formation/tactic with the given squad. I've tried 4-2-3-1 B and lost 2-1 @ away, tried 4-4-1-1 and drew 1-1 @ home and yesterday tried 4-3-3 B lost 1-0 @ home. I am managing 3 different teams on 3 different game worlds and so far I am doing well with the other 2 teams. Idk why but I find it hard to set a proper formation/tactic with this team. Can anyone suggest me the best formation/tactic for the squad below? PS: There are many unneeded players(the super young ones) in this squad and I'l
  15. Can you help with tactic, right now i play with 3-5-2 but i want a tactic that improve the goals and wins on my team. Here is print screen's of my squad: Squad: http://imgur.com/a/cJbxF Instructions: http://imgur.com/a/es9Md Schedule: http://imgur.com/a/rajXm
  16. This is where you can post your accomplished/successful squad and the formation along with tactics you used with them. This is where managers can come for tactical advice from some of the more experienced managers This is where you can help each other out by posting counter formations and tactics, best player to buy etc.
  17. I, my name is Matteo, and I'm a blind person. I've a big problem with the game. With the new view mode of the tactical settings, I cant set the lineup of my team, because I cant drag the players in the positions in the field. How can I solve this situation? Thanks!
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