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Found 17 results

  1. I have Lingard and Mctominay to sell... who should I buy? Goretzka or Reus?? Both are of similar price, but Goretzka is 91 at 25 years age and Reus is at 93 at 31... Any suggestions people?
  2. I'm in a gameworld where a manager is conducting many one sided deals with about 4 or 5 other managers (or dupe accounts, they never manage the team lineups, they only make the dodgy deals). I continue to report these deals because theyre blatant, formulaic and repeated with managers moving round clubs to aid this one team. Heres some examples of the most recent deals: W.CARVALHO £11.8M Colchester United to Ipswich Town £2.0M + A.LAFONT + B.FERNANDES R.GAGLIARDINI £14.0M Colchester United to Portsmouth £3.0M + J.PICKFORD + N.OTAMENDI E.BAILLY£14.0M Colchester
  3. Does anyone know what happens when two clubs submit exactly the same bid for a player? How does the game determine where the player goes?
  4. I don't get it. I offer 18 million for a player who is worth 16 million because the opposing manager didn't want to sell for 16 million. Other manager accepts, Deal canceled. Another time, I offered a player and money totalling 12 million for another player who was worth 12 million. Other manager accepts. Deal canceled. The player I offered was Mithcell Weiser, who is an 89 and had a worth of 8.4 million, and 3.6 million in cash, for 12 million. My team is Alemannia Aachen in German Championship 8513. I attempted to buy Kai Havertz in the first example, from Leverkusen, and S
  5. It often happens that top players (>91) are bought by second-division teams or second-level teams. It's possible ipotize players' refuses to transfers? ... perhaps based on the player's level, team-division, the team's average, the placing in the league, the participation in the cups, palyers concerns. For example Ibrahimovic (94) or Iniesta (95) can refuse the transfer in a team with an average <90 and not participation in the cups; or Mbappe (91) can refuse the transfer in a second-division team with an average <85, at the same time Mbappe could accept this transert if he has
  6. JOIN GAMEWORD ID: 369405 ✔ High Reputation Managers ✔Active Community ✔ Thriving Transfer Market New season just begun, secure your club today!
  7. Episode 1 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the first ever episode of the Circuit Chronicles. Eventually, this broadcast will bring you the latest news considering league 376146 on a weekly basis. Who hit the transfer market and signed the next big superstar? Who got out of the top game victorious? What strategies does the refined low-budget club manager have to lead his team to glory? After Sub Marine, a former german amateur league coach, got awarded the spot as leading manager of the Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League owner's thought might have changed. In recent interviews, se
  8. I tried to sign Ronaldo and Messi but they refused to sign for my club. Any idea why?
  9. Hello, first time asking for help. I recently made a new custom game world for me and 4 friends, me and 3 of my friends were smart and brought within our means, my other friend only managed to buy 18 players and no goal keeper, he only has 200k left and can't get anyone, what's going to happen to him?. The season hasn't started yet. Will he be sacked? Will the computer buy the spare players needed?, the economy is on very rich if that changes anything
  10. Just started out in this game and enjoying it. What is annoying is when you make a transfer request and the other manager instead of accepting or rejecting etc they just ignore it. Is this common in this game? If it is it spoils it in my opinion. m
  11. I have a problem, since yesterday I am unable to place any transfer bids for players. When I try I get a message saying " Until you confirm your email address you can not make transfer deals.Confirm Your Email Address. " When I click on the Confirm Your Email Address link I get taken to the home page and nothing happens. This happens for all three teams I have on this account. Any advice ?
  12. Publish yournew transfer rules!! It should be clear!! After 9 years, I playing this game, this is the moment of THE WORST ever. Your new UI have slow response, while hybrid cloud were always use in this era. I CANNOT make anybid to/from "OWNED CLUBS"? What the heck is this? This is the first time ever happen to me. I can make a bid to/from "Unmanaged clubs" only? I tries some methods also not work : 1. From lowest to highest player's value. 2. From lowest value +3M until +10M. 3. From highest value -5M until -15M. 4. Swapping players. 5. Include some players to swap plus money. What
  13. If a player has requested a transfer & multiple teams place the max bid for the player, with all the teams having their bid accepted. What is the criteria for the team who gets the player to get that player? I had a max bid in along with 3 other teams just after the season had finished (with me winning the division one title) & I didn't get the player (Alexis Sanchez). It doesn't make any sense that the new champions don't get the player.
  14. 1) Bring back the option to make a player Unavailable for transfer. Shouldn't have to spend my time rejecting irritating offers I don't want. If I want a player transferred I will list him as such.
  15. cregyd


  16. I've completed a successful transfer of Arjen Robben to my team Southampton in English Championship 11834, however, when you click on his name it says there is a transfer ban. I don't understand what is wrong and why there is a ban, and what the consequences of it are. Hoping someone can help... Thanks, SB
  17. Today Timothy Fosu-Mensah was added, a free agent in one of my GW's. His value for my club was 240K, and so I made the max. bid of 479K. Looking at the other bids, that was the max. value that other clubs could bid too, several clubs bid this exact amount. Last minute another club shows up, and now that all bids are accepted, it turns out they were able to bid 1.1M! How is this possible?? For one, it's way more than double his value, which seemed to be the max. bid you can make for a player. But most importantly, in the relaunched SM player values were supposed to be equal to ALL clu
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