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Found 1 result

  1. hello there, I've been playing this game since 2008, so I feel I got a right to moan about a few things that bug me about the game engine, especially regarding match reports. 1. Goalkeeper grades These often make no sense. There are GK's who get a grade of 8, 9 or even a 10 when having lost a game, even swallowing several goals. Whereas GK's who have kept a clean sheet (thus making a few saves) would get a measily 5 or 6. This especially happens in games against unmanaged teams, where the GK of the unmanaged team will almost always outscore your GK by a big grade difference, even if your team has been the unmanaged team by say, 3-0. Because of that, I feel that the grading of GK's works by weird criteria. Ofcourse I can understand that in some games a less good team might lose 3-0 or more against a better team, but their GK having made a lot of saves to prevent worse. Yes, in such cases a grade of 7 or 8 could be realistic, but never more. Also GK's who keep a clean sheet do not always get rewarded for that. Them having kept a clean sheet could either mean they made some saves, or they had an uneventful match, their defence clearing all danger. Still, a clean sheet should always give a grade of 7. From there you could add further grades to the amount of saves they made > an 8 for 3-5 saves, a 9 for 5-8 saves, and a 10 for +8 saves. Any GK who swallows a goal, can never get a 10, ofcourse. 2. Man of the Match another thing that has bugged me for a while, players who get the man of the match are not always that. In my book, a player who score 2 goals or scores 1 goal and assists another, with no other player equalling that tally, should always become man of the match surely. An example of yesterday > I had a match, was quite uneventful and 0-0 until the 60h minute. I subbed in 3 players and changed tactic. One of those subs (young striker Kevin Volland) scores 2 goals in his 30mins on the pitch and his brace makes me win the game 0-2. But yet, he did not become man of the match and it went to Fellaini (1 assist) instead. That's weird, isn't it? In real life, it often enough happens that a player who gets subbed on becomes a man of the match, because he was decisive in a win. I guess that on SM this does not happen because the engine favours players who are full 90 minutes on the pitch, but I find that logic flawed. Man of the match should count for those players who have contributed most with goals or assists or even a GK who kept a clean sheet and made decisive saves (like a penalty save etc). Also I have noticed that when a player -who scored a few goals or gave many assists-, gets a yellow card, he can more often than not forget his man of the match award. This is a big flaw too. I'm sure that many who will read this will feel the same. I am curious about your experiences, perhaps I might have overlooked something? For now I can hope that SM can fix this, as it should be an easy thing to adjust and make this game more realistic. Seb
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