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Found 11 results

  1. So, I was playing soccer manager worlds today, when suddenly, after exiting back to the main menu after scheduling a friendly, I could not schedule any friendlies or respond to any friendlies that people sent to me. I could also not see my last match. I've tried everything, even the mobile app, restarting, different browsers, and a lot of other things, It seems that it is a problem with my account, and not with the website. Any solutions, and is this even a glitch, or is it meant to be like this? Edit: Last match I played was against west brom, and before that burnley.
  2. I'm in a game world in which season 3 ended in mid April 2020. It's now June and season 4 still hasn't started. What is going on?? Game World Name: English Championship 36311 Game World ID: 399021
  3. I tried to join a new GW and nothing happens when I tap to manage team. I have 5 out of 6 clubs right now (had to resign from other league) and nothing happens, it`s a private league but not even shows that I made an application to manage the team. I contacted the league owner to send me an invite to manage the team I want and he said that when he tries to send the invite it shows a message that I already control the maximum number of clubs I am allowed to. Has this ever happened to anyone? Is there a cooldown to manage a new team after leaving differente leagues? Is there other way
  4. Hi all, be aware - mobile game SM19 is full of bugs, and admins are so "helpful" - they didn't gave my money back and delete all my post in the forum. In the screenshots you can see how the game lost my over 130 mil euros, and before that I had lost more than 160 mil euros in just 1 day with no reason. You can see all all the photos. Enjoy the game !!!
  5. Currently my team, Tottenham Hotspur, are joint-top of Division 1. They have also won Division 1 for the previous two seasons, as well as winning a Cup, Shield and 2 Charity Shields in this time period. Despite this high-level of achievement, we are only averaging an attendance of ~36000 at home, when the stadium capacity is 90000. This means that the best team in the game world, with the highest level of consistency and achievement, are averaging near 60000 empty seats every home game. In London! In real-life, Spurs managed an attendance of ~76000 just last week, against Bournemouth. Consider
  6. Hallo, playing with Shakhtar in ukranian league, there is no play off in the game, but there is in the Real ukranian league. Plus som of my players from my academy have ukranian named, but are Black in skin, its kill all the realism in the game, please change this bug, it kills the game. Plus the results in CL is totatly random, i just played a CL final, shakhtar - zorya lugansk, haha, boring... plese do something about these bugs, game becomes boring right now
  7. My account is pending Approval for a team on a Custom Game World, but the system is not allowing to Approve or Reject the team. I already released the Game World but my account has not been free yet. Anyone can help? The problem started when I got back on the Game after an hiatus and got back my Custom Game World, but the system didn't offered me the option to choose a team on the Game World. So I went to search with the ID and selected a team, but I can't APPROVE or DENY the team. I released the Game World to see if it would release the team for my account, but its stuck now. I NEED HELP
  8. I submitted a report manager for multiple accounts because the account name is the same for two clubs and they actually manager 2 clubs in multiple worlds. When I submitted it I got an instant pop up saying "not enough evidence". So is there some magic checking process in place that determines these things now? Last time I submitted a report a few years back there was no evidence and then the manager was removed because they were cheating..
  9. Hello, it's my first post. I can make 1 more posts today. This restriction is in place until you have 1 more approved posts. PLEASE APPROVE THE POST and FIX THIS BUG! Two days ago I try to login on web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE). I think CSS and IMAGE don't load, something's wrong. What's happen? I've lost some matches, I'm disappointed...
  10. An unmanaged team in one of my gameworlds sold a player even though they only had 21 of their own players and one loaned to them by me. Is the squad minimum size still 21? The team has received a bid for another player so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I can only assume a bug has made the game think the team had 22 players... unless the minimum limit has been removed or made smaller?
  11. Okay fixed the issue. Thanks. Please join our new league, it started there are 8 clubs already taken League info : The Official Lads & Lasses Tournament Game World ID : 242701 Reputation level 75+ to avoid fake accounts and cheating.
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