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Found 4 results

  1. I'm in a gameworld where a manager is conducting many one sided deals with about 4 or 5 other managers (or dupe accounts, they never manage the team lineups, they only make the dodgy deals). I continue to report these deals because theyre blatant, formulaic and repeated with managers moving round clubs to aid this one team. Heres some examples of the most recent deals: W.CARVALHO £11.8M Colchester United to Ipswich Town £2.0M + A.LAFONT + B.FERNANDES R.GAGLIARDINI £14.0M Colchester United to Portsmouth £3.0M + J.PICKFORD + N.OTAMENDI E.BAILLY£14.0M Colchester
  2. For many months there are teams where the manager signs in just once every 30 days just to not loose the team. Here is a screenshot of 3rd of July that shows the situation in Italian Chmpionship 1 (clubs are sorted by last login date): https://ibb.co/dV8EGd Than it's like a miracle. On the next day all of the clubs have loged in (sorted by last login date): https://ibb.co/gMfi9y It's quite clear that this has hapened not by coincidence but that just one individual controls all those teams. He destroys all those teams by not doing anything but login evry 30 days. He does this for more
  3. In different worlds of game I have found many cheaters. People create or use different accounts to sell or buy players in order to favourite his team. I've signaled that different times. In my opinion it's manifest that those mister are cheating. However no actions are taken from soccermanager. Moreover I've no news even an email to tell me that my reports has been refused. Just ignored
  4. Once again, another topic about this "little" problem... Let's say there's a "manager" that built a dream team in just few days. Let's say this awesome "manager" is such a really good negociator that he bought all his squad for minimum cash or even included some very weak players. Then this "manager" sold all his weak players for maximum cash. Is he some kind of magician? The new Houdini? No surprise, so what's the problem? Well, I met another of these morons from the SM dark side that is really annoying.. This cheater created more than 30 fake accounts... all removed
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