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Found 4 results

  1. Coming to end of season one with only 5 teams out of 32 available and looking for a manager to take them into the future . If you are a manager looking to build for the future in a very closely match Game world well 406373 ANZAC Championship Development League is the one for you. Rules Squad cap at 40. No buying players over 21. Can only buy players 78 or under. Only 5 teams out of 32 free. GW 406373.
  2. Build your squad for the future... 406373 Build your Team of the Future. 21 and Under League. Squad Cap @ 40 Can only buy players 78 or less. Few Quality teams have come available in a very close and tough league. Join ANZAC Dev League : 406373.
  3. I NEED HELP! I have a private Custom Game World & I played my last League fixture. Now, I have to wait a long time for months to start Season 2. "First fixture of new season: Sun 4 November" NOVEMBER? Seriously?!!! Can someone explain me this? Thnx
  4. Step inside of football's... Parallel Universe Have you ever wondered how football COULD have been different? The clubs in the Parallel Universe are all located in UEFA countries. Throughout history, all of the clubs selected were incredibly strong domestically - and in many cases, at European level as well. Your mission is to create an immensely powerful team, that could challenge in the modern era of football. With an empty squad and £100m at your disposal, will you have what it takes? The worlds format is simple: 2 Divisions 8 Clubs per Division 2 P
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