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Found 12 results

  1. Do you remember my post about my wish to create an exciting competitive gameworld?....Well we just finished our first season and it was everything I wished for! Initial Gameworld Post So, the second season will kick off on the 24th September 2019. I would like to invite more players into the gameworld. It's a fun, sociable competitive gameworld. There was drama until the very last game with the title being won on the last day. Congratulations Juventus haha. Yours truly managed to finish 4th with a dramatic win on the last day. So if this sounds like your type of gameworld. Come and join us...and prepare for a gameworld of a lifetime. Adios amigos!
  2. So you cant currently report suspected multiple acounts in game worlds. Not sure how long this had been the case but its allow cheats to ruin gameworlds. Dont think it will ever return? SMW is basically dead at this point I think if anyone can come and ruin a long standing gameworld. Devs dont bother to respond on twitter. Such a shame as I enjoyed the minimal game style for many years.
  3. Looking for committed managers for the new Cypriot Championship 401529 - would like to make this a very competitive one. Cypriot managers preferred, anyone who speaks Greek or English is good. Αναζητώντας δεσμευμένους διευθυντές για το νέο Κυπριακό Πρωτάθλημα 401529 - θα ήθελα να το καταστήσω πολύ ανταγωνιστικό. Οι κυπριακοί διευθυντές προτιμούσαν, όποιος μιλά ελληνικά ή αγγλικά είναι καλός. Myself, I only speak English at this time however my grandmother is Cypriot and I hope to learn to communicate fluently soon.
  4. Preciso de ajufa, como faço para jogar com meus amigos?, criei um novo gameworld e quando convido um amigo para assumir tal time aparece a seguinte mensagem: "O Game World deve estar aberto antes que você possa oferecer equipes. " como proceder?
  5. Hi, I want to change some settings to my gameworld which is into its 7th season Would it be possible to change some settings?, I have in mind to change the activity limit from 30 Days to an option lower Thanks lads
  6. Real Madrid available in GW 1402, id :6028. Lots of teams available, lots of cash to be spent. Hurry before the vultures circle!
  7. Relatively old gameworld in desperate need of new members. Were 5 or 6 longtime members who recently quit, just me and another guy left. Lots of money and decent players around. Get enough people to join we can make it competitive!
  8. Apply for any team, first come first serve. Enjoy
  9. Custom Gameworld "Mary Bu Clã aka Mary Witch" ID: 263227 Created right now all teams available, I will accept everyone. Let's go!
  10. 'Pure English Management' is less then 1 week old, just 1 league game gone and has 41/100 teams managed and counting! There are only 2 teams in division 1 available (Swansea and Villa). To join this competitive game world here is the ID; 259882, see you there!
  11. An unmanaged team in one of my gameworlds sold a player even though they only had 21 of their own players and one loaned to them by me. Is the squad minimum size still 21? The team has received a bid for another player so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I can only assume a bug has made the game think the team had 22 players... unless the minimum limit has been removed or made smaller?
  12. Okay fixed the issue. Thanks. Please join our new league, it started there are 8 clubs already taken League info : The Official Lads & Lasses Tournament Game World ID : 242701 Reputation level 75+ to avoid fake accounts and cheating.
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