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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! This is gonna be a rather long dissertation about all changes, updates and features that SM need to stay fresh and keep attracting people. I would like to make clear that no impossible things are going to be requested here, just achievable and reasonable features based on my experience that will for sure make SM Worlds better. I also know that this is a business and there are people working behind it who do obviously want to be remunerated for their work, hence, I'll not mention anything that makes Gold subscription less valuable or discourages people from buying it, but due to me not bein
  2. Good evening all. I am going to go out on a limb here by attempting something more drastic in the hopes of gaining the attention of the developers - at least to get some engagement out of them anyway. Every 2 days, I’ll be posting some minor proposal (a one or two-liner) to improve the game. I’ll add a post to the pinned “Improvements” Thread as well as making a new topic of my own. It might be irrelevant or trivial to some, but please support my cause by just giving a one-line answer, or a simple “Yes, please” would do. Looking forward to start conversation with anyone wh
  3. Once again, another topic about this "little" problem... Let's say there's a "manager" that built a dream team in just few days. Let's say this awesome "manager" is such a really good negociator that he bought all his squad for minimum cash or even included some very weak players. Then this "manager" sold all his weak players for maximum cash. Is he some kind of magician? The new Houdini? No surprise, so what's the problem? Well, I met another of these morons from the SM dark side that is really annoying.. This cheater created more than 30 fake accounts... all removed
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