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Found 8 results

  1. I'm in a gameworld where a manager is conducting many one sided deals with about 4 or 5 other managers (or dupe accounts, they never manage the team lineups, they only make the dodgy deals). I continue to report these deals because theyre blatant, formulaic and repeated with managers moving round clubs to aid this one team. Heres some examples of the most recent deals: W.CARVALHO £11.8M Colchester United to Ipswich Town £2.0M + A.LAFONT + B.FERNANDES R.GAGLIARDINI £14.0M Colchester United to Portsmouth £3.0M + J.PICKFORD + N.OTAMENDI E.BAILLY£14.0M Colchester United to Ipswich Town £7.0M + I.KONATÉ + N.ZANIOLO H.MAGUIRE £20.0M Colchester United to Portsmouth £3.0M + J.LINGARD + J.DRAXLER A.RAMSEY £15.2M Colchester United to Ipswich Town Y.TIELEMANS + A.CHRISTENSEN These were the last few turns!?!?! I've reported all these deals and never heard back from any of them. Whever a managed club becomes free one of these mates/dupe account becomes their manager and make favourable deals like the ones above. I've reported multiple accounts in the past. At one point one account with the same name was removed but another with the same surname remains and so does this blatant cheating. I think its really poor that in a gameworld with paying managers that this level of cheating can be allowed to pursist. I was considering putting in a multiple accounts task but I'm sure I did that many months ago and not much came of it but its cleary about 5 accounts in collusion with one main account. I feel like if I keep reporting illegal transfers etc I'll probably end up losing my club and I've been in this gameworld 10 years! and now its being killed off by this blatant cheating.
  2. So you cant currently report suspected multiple acounts in game worlds. Not sure how long this had been the case but its allow cheats to ruin gameworlds. Dont think it will ever return? SMW is basically dead at this point I think if anyone can come and ruin a long standing gameworld. Devs dont bother to respond on twitter. Such a shame as I enjoyed the minimal game style for many years.
  3. Um dos problemas que mais incomoda no soccer é o período de inatividade que o jogo permite aos treinadores. 30 dias é muito prejudicial para um jogo que tem dois jogos semanalmente, além disso é possível entrar no jogo até pelo próprio celular. isso contribui muito para várias contas que seja utilizadas para fazer trapaças continuem disponíveis no jogo. Poderia se promover uma redução desse tempo, para 15 dias, ou até mesmo, 10 dias.
  4. Carpe Diem ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am fairly sure after years of soccermanager.com there is not much likelihood of a totally new concept so I shall take this moment to recognise the work done by Ashtini and Noisy (were there others - if so sorry I missed you) in RC1, 2 and 3 and BenC with FFP. I have borrowed some of the concepts from the latest versions of these GW's as a basis to what we have conceived. In addition my partners in crime in formulating this concept have been (using their forum names) Pedrooliveria - for his advice and assistance in getting the right clubs to help maintain the income stream Huddo - for his support and constant cheek Cookiemonster - for being able to look outside the box and find small problems SirRahul - for encouragement and advice along the way with additional mentions to Cameron Lucas and Gozzy for their involvement Season SIX Wrap PLEASE NOTE: ALL SPENDING AMOUNTS FOR SEASON SEVEN ARE PLUS SALES YOU CANNOT START BUYING AND SELLING FOR NEXT SEASON UNTIL THAT SEASON STARTS MAXIMUM PLAYER RATING FOR SEASON SEVEN IS 94 FROM THE START OF SEASON 7 SQUAD SIZE WILL BE MAXIMUM 33 PLAYERS WHERE AT LEAST 10 MUST BE 21 YEARS OR UNDER ON THE FIRST MATCH DAY OF THE SEASON. Hope this all makes sense. I am sure I will get a frantic message if I got one wrong. Hopefully not. Just so there is no confusion about buying and selling players because I may not have explained it well enough. If players are sold before the season changes from the current season to the next season the money made from their sale will not be carried over to season four. I would strongly recommend that you do not sell a player until the new season commences...otherwise you stand a strong chance of losing those funds for new season or going over budget for the current one. Any player you buy before the season rolls over will count against the current budget and if it puts you over for the current season there will be a penalty. Hope that makes sense. OK - Great Season and welcome to the New managers who have filled the gaps. FIRST PLACE: EINTRACHT FRANKFURT - TOTAL 63 MILL I may be wrong but 8th place to top spot may well be the biggest season turnaround since we started. Well Done Pat! LEAGUE WINNER - Club is allowed to select one 95 rated player and buy them for PV. BUDGET - Prize Money - 55 Mill. PLUS: Player of the season Insigne – 3 Mill PLUS: 5 Mill bonus for league win. SECOND PLACE: CLUB AMERICA - TOTAL 53 MILL Always the brides maids - so far. LEAGUE RUNNER UP - Club is allowed to select one 94 rated player and buy them for PV BUDGET - Prize Money - 50 Mill. PLUS: More than 12 clean sheets (13) 3 Mill THIRD PLACE: HANOVER - TOTAL 51 MILL Up from 9th last season. Interesting that some of the mid table clubs have shown such improvement BUDGET - Prize Money - 48 Mill. PLUS: More than 12 clean sheets (14) 3 Mill FOURTH PLACE: FEYENOORD - TOTAL 52 MILL Up one spot from last season and always seem to get that top5 finish. BUDGET - Prize Money - 46 Mill. PLUS: 12 or more clean sheets (13) - 3 Mill PLUS: Player of the season (Mandzukic) 3 Mill FIFTH PLACE: CELTIC - TOTAL 47 MILL Obviously victims of the jinx, had an awfully unlucky season and had to cope with totally biased refereeing all season long. BUDGET - Prize Money - 44 Mill. PLUS: 12 or more clean sheets (12) - 3 Mill SIXTH PLACE: SUNDERLAND - TOTAL 42 MILL Average season. Manager hasd the complete support of the Chairman and board BUDGET - Prize Money - 42 Mill. SEVENTH PLACE: HERTHA BERLIN - TOTAL 40 MILL Up from 19th last season BUDGET - Prize Money – 40 Mill. EIGHTH PLACE: ATLETICO MADRID - TOTAL 43 MILL Player fitness regime may need review as the club dropped away at the end of the year.Rumour has it several plyers have a standing after game pizza order. Good Cuo Win improved the season somewhat BUDGET - Prize Money - 38 Mill. CUP WINNER Atletico Madrid - 5 Mill plus one player rated 94 for CV NINTH PLACE: AJAX - TOTAL 42 MILL Up from thirteenth last season and picked up a couple of good side rewards. Slow improvers BUDGET - Prize Money - 36 Mill. SHEILD RUNNERS UP - 3 Mill FEWEST RED CARDS - 0 on count back from Feyenoord - 3 Mill TENTH PLACE: STUTTGART - TOTAL 34 Mill Up one spot on last season BUDGET - Prize Money - 34 Mill. ELEVENTH PLACE: GUANGZHOU EVERGRANDE - TOTAL 27 MILL Slipped back from a creditable 4th last season. Manager vocal about probable success - obviously had lessons from Arsene Wenger. Went from least red cards last season to the most this season. BUDGET - Prize Money - 32 Mill. LESS: MOST Red Cards (0) – Deduct 5 Mill TWELFTH PLACE: SEATTLE SOUNDERS - TOTAL 30 MILL Third last season...dropped 9 places. Work to be done. Harry Redknap circling for the job. BUDGET - Prize Money - 30 Mill. THIRTEENTH PLACE: NEWCASTLE UNITED - TOTAL 29 MILL Avoided relegation but could not seem to get the game flowing this season. Dropped one spot from last season BUDGET - Prize Money - 29 Mill. FOURTEENTH PLACE: MANCHESTER CITY - TOTAL 23 MILL Relegation bites. After regaining promotion last season it looked like they would continue to improve but the step up proved tough. They should bounce back again next season. Tough season ahead but we have every faith in them BUDGET - Prize Money - 28 Mill. LESS: Conceded more than 55 goals (60) – 5 Mill FIFTEENTH PLACE: equivalent COLOGNE - TOTAL 41 MILL Huge season for the Germans with a 17 point win in Div 2 PLUS shield Winners. Looks like a dangerous newcomer to the top flight. BUDGET - Prize Money - 27 Mill. PLUS PROMOTION BONUS - 5 Mill PLUS SHEILD WINNERS - – 5 Mill plus one player rated 94 for CV PLUS 12 or more clean sheets (14) 3 Mill SIXTEENTH PLACE equivalent: PARIS ST GERMAIN - TOTAL 25 MILL Made it to the playoffs but could not get back on track. Should make it next season BUDGET - Prize Money - 25 Mill.
  5. JOIN GAMEWORD ID: 369405 ✔ High Reputation Managers ✔Active Community ✔ Thriving Transfer Market New season just begun, secure your club today!
  6. Hello there. This is my first post in the forum and I am kinda nervous about that, just because I am not really a newbie in Soccer Manager World, but I never had enough courage to post or interact with other players. So, long story short. I just made an English Championship World 368209 to make some new friends and meet new people with same interest in English football and has a interaction with Soccer Manager. Currently, this game world has every English team available, and I really hope you will join as soon as possible. I do not have high expectation about the players, so every football enthusiast is accepted with a warm welcome. If you want a new challenge, this is your best time to start. I can assure you that this Game World will never disappoint you and this, in my opinion will be the best opportunity in order to become the best manager, along with other good players.
  7. Real Madrid available in GW 1402, id :6028. Lots of teams available, lots of cash to be spent. Hurry before the vultures circle!
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