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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Fellow Managers, Fairly New To The Game And Sick Of Joining Game World's That Are 5Seasons In... Sound Familiar Good.... Today I Open The Premiership Production Game World.... The Game Is Simple Join The League And Pick A Club From The Top 5 English Divisions And Prove You Have What It Takes To Get To The Top.... There Is A Catch Relegation Gets You Fired And You Have To Select A New Club.... Well Let's Go GWID- 384402 Please Enjoy
  2. Only R. Madrid, Bayern and Everton taken, GW has not being open yet. 370642
  3. You can join my game world. Only Real Madrid and Bayern taken. GW ID : 369432
  4. Zhares35

    Really tired of these guys

    Tonight a new World Championship started, where I got the Manchester City. First of all, it is a SM gameworld property and second it is a free game world where everyone can joins without any problem. But, there comes the problem: the Roma's manager talked to me by the chat asking me that it was his friend's gameworld and as I wasnt one of his friends I should leave, because "i could find another good team in another gameworld" And after that, I logged this morning in my account and found this (image attached), 6 private messages from "his friends", that apparently are just 6 of 27 that the gameworld has. And yeah I did this post because I'm really mad with this.
  5. Danny Paul Phillips

    NEW GAMEWORLD 'Pure English Management'

    NEW/FRESH GAME WORLD! (all the latest transfers) All 5 English divisions and i'm looking to fill the game world up as much as possible. Apply for any club you want an you will be accepted in. 259882 'Pure English Management'. Have fun and be respectful.