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Found 3 results

  1. My idea is that they make a type of soccer manager 2017 but online is to say that they are all the most important leagues in a single one world of game, that each coach trains to a single team and that all the teams are directed by a single coach that There are no external teams and also the team that does not have a coach send an email to the coach who wants to sign, that there are free coaches, also that it may be that the team you train can remove you from your position and that the club decides to put To another coach and to whom to place, not as in soccer manager worlds that a world of game is a single league or a personalized league that are all the most improper leagues of each continent and that the signings work that way (for example that a team From Mexico buy a player from Spain) almost the same as soccer manager 2017 but online and that the president of the club decides which coach to put in charge of his team and also remove him from his position, also that the coach can resign of his team and is free for a club to sign, in advance many thanks for your attention I hope you implement it to the game, thanks for reading this post (sorry for my english)
  2. Hello! I've launched an online game (a football manager game) 3 weeks ago... It's very simple, not as complex as SoccerManager, of course, but it's 100% my work. If you wanna try it... www.Best11.org
  3. I tried to open the socccer manager worlds site on my pc. I use mozilla firefox. But it always shows and unexpected error message. and the site never loads correctly. Is there an explanation for that?
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