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Found 10 results

  1. In Gold 1 some player's profilic image not show. Eg: Rhys Williams, Riccardo Calafiori muamer Brajanak etc
  2. I have Lingard and Mctominay to sell... who should I buy? Goretzka or Reus?? Both are of similar price, but Goretzka is 91 at 25 years age and Reus is at 93 at 31... Any suggestions people?
  3. Hello there, fellow managers all around the world. For this project I really need your help in order to make this topic one of the best over the forum. In order to be a good manager, any of us need to search some WONDERKIDS. This kind of players are young, have lots of potential and most important they really have a decisive role in their team. Some simple rules are essential in our collaboration, so in order to share some hot prospect with us, the most important rules are #1 The player must be 18 or younger ( under 18 means that he is currently 18 or less). #2 The recommended player must really play some minutes on the field ( you can share some statistics, if you have access to them) #3 Some impressions about the wonderkid are important, some rumors about transfers or even some interesting news about the player.
  4. How do you know that a player wants to retire and and what age do they retire?
  5. Martin AGUIRREGABIRIA is rated only 70 yet he is playing in main La Liga for Deportivo Alaves since the beginning of the season. Easily an 83-85 rated at worst. This can be seen here: https://uk.soccerway.com/players/martin-aguirregabiria-padilla/472270/ As you can see 1350 minutes is quiet a lot in one of the toughest leagues in the world. So a 70 rated is definitely wrong and he is the ONLY player to be missed of any of the 4 main Countries.
  6. Will Buffon retire after this season? What do you think?
  7. I'm a long time player and know how the concerns work but in one of my game worlds Aguero has gone up in concern level 3 times in what seems a fairly short space of time i.e weeks. He's made 32 starts and one sub appearance and still went up to level 3. Sanchez just got a level 1 concern with 30 starts and 2 sub appearances and that seems a little harsh. Kompany also got a concern with 32/1 start/sub appearances too. I had a concern review in my game world today and also one 8 days ago.... usually I manager concerns really well but in one season for a player to go from no concern to level 3 with 32 starts and 1 sub seems a bit steep... Anyone else experienced this? The only thing I can think of is that I played 9 cup games which might have made players expected starts rise a bit? Normally I'd say 30 is easily enough games for no concerns to develop.
  8. Spanish League Rafinha - Barca - 87>89 Correa - Atletico - 87>89 Oyarzabal - Sociedad - 83>86 Lucas Hernandez - Atletico - 83>85 Saul Niguez - Atletico - 90>91 Asensio - Real Madrid - 87>89 English League Bellerin - Arsenal - 89>91 Iwobi - Arsenal - 82>86 Sterling - Man City - 90>91 Bailly - Man Utd - 87>89 Holding - Arsenal - 78>83 Hayden - Newcastle - 78>82 Origi - Liverpool - 87>88 Reine-Adelaide - Arsenal - 76>80 Bielik - Arsenal - 75>78 Keane - Burnley - 84>86 Alli - Tottenham - 89>91 Shaw - Man Utd - 88>89 Rashford - Man Utd - 83>87 Iheanacho - Man City - 83>87 German League Kimmich - Bayern - 88>90 Sanches - Bayern - 87>89 Weigl - Dortmund - 88>90 Sule - Hoffenheim - 87>89 Dahoud - Monchengladbach - 87>89 Mor - Dortmund - 80>85 Dembele - Dortmund - 85>88 Embolo - Schalke - 86>88 Italian League Locatelli - Milan - 78>85 Romagnoli - Milan - 88>89 Milik - Napoli - 88>89 French League Mammana - Lyon - 85>87 Rekik - Marseille - 86>87 Mbappe - Monaco - 78>83 Kimpembe - PSG - 80>84 Augustin - PSG - 80>82 Other Leagues Dembele - Celtic - 82>85 Grimaldo - Benfica - 82>85 I'm sure I've missed PLENTY. Give me your thoughts on my predictions and other players you think could be on the rise, 23 and under.
  9. Hey am try to buy a othere player off a other team but when the bId have been accepted it corlapeisand the trade dint go though
  10. If i don't renew a player contract that has 1 season left, will that player leave the club or does the chairman always renew the contract?
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