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Found 6 results

  1. I hope that we all have seen Bruno Fernandes play and he is the best player in the whole Man Utd sqaud and have lifted them up in a great way. I think that he deserves an upvote and a rating of 93. I hope that SM admins take care of this. Thank you.
  2. Based on a report by Footy Area, Jesse Lingard needs to leave United to become better.
  3. Episode 1 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the first ever episode of the Circuit Chronicles. Eventually, this broadcast will bring you the latest news considering league 376146 on a weekly basis. Who hit the transfer market and signed the next big superstar? Who got out of the top game victorious? What strategies does the refined low-budget club manager have to lead his team to glory? After Sub Marine, a former german amateur league coach, got awarded the spot as leading manager of the Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League owner's thought might have changed. In recent interviews, se
  4. Starting with the Premier Leagues - all but secured - Top 7's biggest changes What I think they will get, with what they deserve in brackets. Chelsea Kante - 92>>94 (95) Hazard 95>>96 (95) Courtois 93>>94 (93) Azpilicueta 92>>92 (93) Pedro 92>>92 (93) Luiz 92>>93 (92) Cahill 91>>92 (92) Alonso 89>>90 (91) Moses 89>>90 (90) Ake 86>>87 (88) Terry 90>>88 (89) Tottenham Kane 92>>93 (94) Alli 90>>91 (92) Eriksen 92>>93 (93) Ros
  5. New English league , just about to start , second day of server today. ID : 350655 come and check it out. All clubs with about 30m budget. Please only active and fair players. Enjoy your stay and have fun.
  6. NEW/FRESH GAME WORLD! (all the latest transfers) All 5 English divisions and i'm looking to fill the game world up as much as possible. Apply for any club you want an you will be accepted in. 259882 'Pure English Management'. Have fun and be respectful.
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