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Found 14 results

  1. I have started a new Gameworld 422081 Spanish Championship, plenty of clubs are left. If you want to join, send reqeust fast.
  2. All the big teams available in an existing European setup, please join Game World ID: 325780
  3. NEW EXCLUSIVE WORLD!FIFA Soccer Manager ChampionshipId: 387643-No Unhappy Players-Start Budget: 100 Mln -After 14 days of inactivity the manager is removed automatically -Best Teams in the World
  4. My Real Madrid team is not getting good results at all. Playing with 4-2-3-1 wide formation, my team isnt scoring well and Ronaldo isnt playing well at all. And almost every match my team misses tons of chances. E.g. Last match vs Napoli my team had 10shots on target, 1 goal. Napoli 1 shot on target 1 goal. Please help with the tactics and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Please. My first 11 and tactics is attached. Results - Played 6 matches, W2D2L2 Goals scored - 9 , conceded 10. Am 9th in my league of 14 teams.
  5. Hi Guys. I've recently come back to SM after a year hiatus. First time I played with Spurs in a Custom GW did average. This time I'm in a Custom GW with experienced friends so need help regarding my Real Madrid first 11, and formation. My team, Navas(92) Carvajal(92) Ramos(95) Varane(92) Marcelo(95) Modric(95) Kroos(95) Bale(95) Isco(93) Ronaldo(99) Benzema(94) Bench - Dzeko(92),Casemiro(92),Asensio(91),Vasquez(90),Nacho(90),Kovacic
  6. Real Madrid chỉ dùng đội hình phụ cho trận đấu lượt đi với Numancia, chỉ có Gareth Bale ra sân với mục đích lấy lại phong độ sau thời gian dưỡng thương. Đội hình phụ của Real đã gặp không ít khó khăn trước sự chiến đấu mạnh mẽ của đối thủ. Gareth Bale ghi bàn giúp Real vươn lên dẫn bàn. Sau hơn 10 phút bắt đầu trận đấu, Numancia đã 2 lần tấn công cầu môn Real. Nhưng Real cũng đánh trả lại quyết liệt với những cơ hội nguy hiểm, dù họ đã khá vất vả cho bàn mở tỷ số. Phút 34, Lucas Vasquez bị gạc chân trong vòng cấm địa Numancia và trên chấm penalty, Bale đã lừa cho thủ môn Numanc
  7. Real Madrid available in GW 1402, id :6028. Lots of teams available, lots of cash to be spent. Hurry before the vultures circle!
  8. Hii everyone, I just made a European Championship game world. I would like to ask you guys to join and have fun while playing together. Game World ID: 360464 Welcome aahm91 European Championship
  9. Hi i have made a new game world id 357460. All the teams are currently available . Please join as soon as possible. Invite your friends too ?????
  10. Hello everyone I just want to quickly advertise a GameWorld that I've been a part of since 2014 and it's still going strong. I'll post a few positive facts about the GameWorld and if you think that you'd enjoy being a part of this league, then please do join. The league is active and every manager usually logs in every 1 - 3 days. (There's currently 14/20 clubs managed) The league is definitely competitive and the league history is proof of that (3 different managers have won in the past 3 seasons) The league has a lot of the managers communicating with each other whether it's regardin
  11. Need new managers for a free European league! I've taken Bayern Munich so all the other major clubs are still available! Everyone is welcome and all will be accepted! Post a reply if you're interested!
  12. Join a new world today. Teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, all available.
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