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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! This is gonna be a rather long dissertation about all changes, updates and features that SM need to stay fresh and keep attracting people. I would like to make clear that no impossible things are going to be requested here, just achievable and reasonable features based on my experience that will for sure make SM Worlds better. I also know that this is a business and there are people working behind it who do obviously want to be remunerated for their work, hence, I'll not mention anything that makes Gold subscription less valuable or discourages people from buying it, but due to me not bein
  2. All good Managers know their Player's Potential. Build your Team of the Future. 21 and Under League. Squad Cap @ 40 Can only buy places 78 or less. GW # 406373 Just finished season 5 with clubs from New Zealand and Australia. Close competition with quality managers. Two Division competition with nearly all teams filled in div 1. Do you have the commitment to build a team for the long term?
  3. Hi guys! Why does not the Juventus logo exist? 🤨
  4. GW 395238 Concept of Aust and NZ teams.. the Anzac Super League. The Australian and New Zealand Alliance Competition Super-league(ANZACs). No purchases over age 25. Season 2 just finished.. About to start it's third season.
  5. Me and my friends opened a new European Championship, we are willing to accept everyone just to start the leauge, you're more than welcome to join guys, thanks. id : 387645
  6. does the new SM Worlds have holiday mode available to gold managers? I have a team that i have been in charge of for 3 1/2 years and i'm going into the navy. but i don't want to lose control of it.
  7. For lovers of the training centers: these game worlds are for you! Youth Premier Division: ID: 242959 JS Kabylie [Reggae & Soccer Mama Africa League] ID: 250398
  8. Algerian Championship 1 -The time has come to add Algeria in game worlds Soccer manager ! -I Suggest 1 division with 16 teams as in real life. -I have already added several stadiums on soccerway. -Big clubs like: JS Kabylie, ES Sétif, MC Alger, USM Alger, CR Bélouizdad... deserve their place in SM. -1 Division with 16 clubs: ASM Oran, CR Belouizdad, CS Constantine, DRB Tadjenanet, ES Sétif, JS Kabylie, ASO Chlef, MC Alger, Paradou AC, MC Oran MO Béjaïa NA Hussein Dey, MC El Eulma, JSM Béjaïa USM Alger, USM Blida, USM El Harrach. - I create a league, but not with the
  9. Custom Gameworld "Mary Bu Clã aka Mary Witch" ID: 263227 Created right now all teams available, I will accept everyone. Let's go!
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