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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Soccer Manager, My Custom Game World is about to crumble as other managers are threatening to resign from their various clubs if no action is taken to evict a single manager managing almost three clubs in my custom game. I sent a ticket query earlier this month and got a message that action has been taken, but up till this moment none. I sent an email as well to you but no response. Please HELP!
  2. Coming to end of season one with only 5 teams out of 32 available and looking for a manager to take them into the future . If you are a manager looking to build for the future in a very closely match Game world well 406373 ANZAC Championship Development League is the one for you. Rules Squad cap at 40. No buying players over 21. Can only buy players 78 or under. Only 5 teams out of 32 free. GW 406373.
  3. Hey, anybody wants to help me out and vote on soccer wiki on the many genuine badges? I have uploaded a lot on there for the database today - it would help my level increase. I am looking to add 3 new English non-league clubs (eventually) to the database, if i can reach level 4. Please help with the votes. All help gratefully appreciated. My username - Jamesee1
  4. JOIN GAMEWORD ID: 369405 ✔ High Reputation Managers ✔Active Community ✔ Thriving Transfer Market New season just begun, secure your club today!
  5. Since the redevelopment of Anfield, capacity has increased (roughly) from 45,000 to 54,000. I was anticipating my attendances to increase with the capacity. I am running a successful Liverpool side in an English set-up. Albeit I've only played 3 home games so far this current season with the new stadium capacity but average attendance has been 43,000 !? Now I would understand if my team was rubbish and never won any games or challenged for or won any titles but that is not the case. In reality, Anfield is now packed out 54,000 every home game. In SM world, the punters are unaware of the vast expansion which has taken place and my home attendances are lower, on average, than last season. This has to be some kind of glitch, right? Come on SM - give me the fans !!
  6. English Championship 202: We're currently 5 games through the league season and still no fixtures for the Cup or Shield? I have a team in another set-up (English 3202) which runs concurrently with 202 and I have a 1st round Cup fixture on Monday night. So what happened to the Cup fixtures in 202? Thanks.
  7. So the first rating reviews were rubbish leaving a lot of players behind..but how about round 2??? Kante being first on the list for a good one and Kane second for me. So what's your opinion..!
  8. Spanish championship, four divisions economy good, we are starting there is equipment available ID: 242640 Sevilla, atletico de madrid, real madrid, Are free among others
  9. Okay fixed the issue. Thanks. Please join our new league, it started there are 8 clubs already taken League info : The Official Lads & Lasses Tournament Game World ID : 242701 Reputation level 75+ to avoid fake accounts and cheating.
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