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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, anybody wants to help me out and vote on soccer wiki on the many genuine badges? I have uploaded a lot on there for the database today - it would help my level increase. I am looking to add 3 new English non-league clubs (eventually) to the database, if i can reach level 4. Please help with the votes. All help gratefully appreciated. My username - Jamesee1
  2. As I can't do a single thing on Soccerwiki, put this up to the editors on here: Senior players Craig Alcock, Mathieu Baudry, Cedric Evina and Andy Williams have all been released at the end of their current contracts. Youngsters Reece Fielding and Tyler Walker have also been released. Liam Mandeville, Tyler Garratt and Mitchell Lund available for transfer.
  3. Hello and welcome to a general topic for everybody who needs help and have some ideas in order to improve the SoccerWiki. I made this topic because recently I saw some slow development in the platform and there are some really good members of SoccerWiki (also of the forum). It is inadmissible to let over 3500 player edits on hold, not to talk about the slow reviewing process in SoccerManager. Day after day, time passes and the database tends to accumulate more edits which they never implement ( most of my edits are rejected by the missing of some votes - for example I had 15 votes on
  4. I've just come back to all of this from a year's break - back when I used Soccerwiki regularly I could suggest a change, and within 2/3 days a decision would have been made. I made an 'edit' on 1st December and it's still being voted on? Is this a regular thing now?
  5. Im not actually sure if this is built into the current game engine or not. I am guessing it isnt. But wouldnt it be good, if Your selected penalty taker had a better chance of success from all penalties if he had "taking penalties" as a green attribute in Soccerwiki? Or you were more likely to score from corners, if you selected someone like Xabi Alonso to be your corner taker. (he has 'corners' listed as a green attribute in his SW profile) Or even will your team perform better if you select a Captain, who actually captains his side in real life. (and thus will probably be reflec
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