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Found 9 results

  1. This is ambitious, but I am sick of losing! For my own benefit, I am going to populate counter formations, like it was done in back in the day. I am somewhat inexperienced with this, so it will be done by researching threads, trial and error and most importantly...suggestions from you! *If there are any blindingly obvious counter formations, please let me know and I will populate the list and credit you* To counter 4-4-2 A, To counter 4-4-1-1 To counter 4-3-3 A, To counter 4-5-1 A, To counter 3-4-3, To counter 3-5-2, To counter 3-
  2. Alright so I used a 433B formation in the previous season and was 2nd place. This season I've only won 4 out of my first 9 games while drawing or losing the rest to teams I should be beating. Please I need help with tactics and formation. Ps I'm about to sign a player but I cant decide between Robertson in exchange for heavy cash and reguilon or Savic in exchange for cash and two players(pasalic and a winger). Thanks to anyone who replies with helpful tips. P.s It is also worth noting that I finished 2nd on goal difference and had a 23 game unbeaten streak and 12 game win streak within th
  3. Hello. I need help with the tactics and instructions for my team. I am trying to think of a tactic for a more offensive mindset and one for a more defensive. Can you guys give me some help? My squad is the following (see images)... Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, I started playing this game with Benfica on my phone and I just can't win, in 10 games I draw 4-5, win 1-2 and the rest I lose. I've tried so many tactics but I can't get my team to win. I have all the initial players, didn't buy anyone, waiting for January or next season. All of the tactics here are for web version, in mobile version I don't have the option to move arrows in the players and there is no offesside trap etc. Only formation and styles of play, like tempo, tackle etc. Anybody can help me ?
  5. Ive made a huge mistake guys, signed multiple super stars, and now that I am looking at it their bloody weekly wage is going to eat me up. At this moment im upposed to lose 2 million every week. My mere income of 200k aint enough to cancel out the wages of 2.4 million per week. I cant release players because the chaiman wont let me release anyone, I cant trade players away because most are transferred banned, and I cant sell players because im playing in a 10 person league, the AI wont bid on any of my players although I list them up for minimum. What the hell do I do?
  6. Today I was excited as it was my first SMFA Cup match that I would be able to manage. Anyways I had set up tactics prior to the game considering the hectic week ahead. While the game was in progress (before the results came in) I decided that I would set up the team for tomorrows game as I may be busy I forget to do so. When the results came in, I realized that the team that played was the B team I set up while the game was already in progress. Is this normal? Does this mean I can change my tactics for a game once the notification about the result does show?
  7. I wanna hear other opinions about the 4-5-1 B formation, I did some review myself and i can tell that this formation is perfectly build for those who play possession football Here in this pic is an example how i play in one league, with the wide players an arrow forward, the results are mixed but if u give it time it can turn up into one of the best formations that was hugely under looked. So what are you thoughts, will u be give it a try?
  8. HI guys I really need help to set team instructions for 4231A. I never play 4231A and really need help to set instructions for team and arrows. My team it's CFC Courtois Vorm Cahill, David Luiz, Luis Gustavo, Azpiliqueta, zouma, Sidibé, Gaya, cancelo and kurzawa Matic, Fabregas, Kanté, jorginho, Xhaka, Tolisso, Klaassen Muller, Payet, Sanchez, Gotze, Mertens, Modest , Mbappé Pls help me guys. I hope you guys can help and I will be very thankful for your time and comments Hug
  9. Can you help with tactic, right now i play with 3-5-2 but i want a tactic that improve the goals and wins on my team. Here is print screen's of my squad: Squad: http://imgur.com/a/cJbxF Instructions: http://imgur.com/a/es9Md Schedule: http://imgur.com/a/rajXm
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