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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I have my transfer bid accepted for a player with a value of 7.8M. The problem is currently I only have 7.5M balance. But I have accepted a bid from external club for my player for 10.5M. The problem is, my transfer bid is accepted around 5 minutes before I accepted the 10.5M bid from external club. Will my transfer be okay? I really need the player and I know that the player will have his rating increased tomorrow 😁 I also have a second question. Recently I have a lot of my bids rejected by the external clubs. Is it because I offer my player? Because if I pay wi
  2. Hola, es posible ceder a jugadores de 90?
  3. Hi, my first post so apologies if in the wrong place. Has anyone come across ‘Your Chairman is dealing with this transfer as the player has requested a transfer’ Following situation: - I made a bid for a level 4 concerned player - the other manager came back with a negotiated bid which included cash + one of my players - before I rejected the bid the player has gone to a level 5 and placed on the transfer list - it won’t let me reject the counter proposal and I don’t want to part exchange my player - the player is now listed on transfer list as part exc
  4. I'm in a gameworld where a manager is conducting many one sided deals with about 4 or 5 other managers (or dupe accounts, they never manage the team lineups, they only make the dodgy deals). I continue to report these deals because theyre blatant, formulaic and repeated with managers moving round clubs to aid this one team. Heres some examples of the most recent deals: W.CARVALHO £11.8M Colchester United to Ipswich Town £2.0M + A.LAFONT + B.FERNANDES R.GAGLIARDINI £14.0M Colchester United to Portsmouth £3.0M + J.PICKFORD + N.OTAMENDI E.BAILLY£14.0M Colchester
  5. Ive made a huge mistake guys, signed multiple super stars, and now that I am looking at it their bloody weekly wage is going to eat me up. At this moment im upposed to lose 2 million every week. My mere income of 200k aint enough to cancel out the wages of 2.4 million per week. I cant release players because the chaiman wont let me release anyone, I cant trade players away because most are transferred banned, and I cant sell players because im playing in a 10 person league, the AI wont bid on any of my players although I list them up for minimum. What the hell do I do?
  6. It seems that a new way of preventing another manager from completing a signing is being used (unfairly) by some members. They take over the management of a club for 1 minute and then they resign. This action cancels any transfer in progress and creates a transfer ban for the whole orphan team for up to seven days. May I suggest that either transfers in progress should be allowed to complete (which would happen in real life), or a new manager needs to be in place for at least a period of three to five days before the ban kicks in. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi guys, inherited a bunch of youth players for my barcelona team. Not that familiar with all of them, so hoping for some help deciding who to keep and who to sell. The list of players is as follow, and Im thinking of keeping 4 players. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. J. Ezkieta J. Brandariz M. Cucurella (keep) R. Tarin S. Palencia (keep) S. Paik A. Carbonell J. Guillemenot R. Mujica (keep) I. Abeledo S. Lee (keep)
  8. Hy guys. Is there any way to be sure get player when there is multiple bid? Im in GW where every day we fight for new players added to database. Sometimes there are over 10 bids for single player (mbappe, havertz etc.). I wounder if I can have somehave better odds. In old SM I remember that clubs with lower total value of players got them in 99%. Now its not happening anymore. I wrote massage to SM few months ago with question what algorithm do they use to determin where players will transfer and they responded its complitely random. But there must be something. Hidde
  9. So I just sold Hendrix for £3m, but my account funds are at £2.8m. I don't remember exactly what was in my funds before I sold Hendrix though they were positive and it was at least £1.3m because I placed a bid of £1.3m + a player for another player BEFORE the Hendrix £3m sale and is still an active bid, so going by that I should have had at least £4.3m in my account. On top of this, my last league game which was AFTER I placed the £1.3m player/cash deal was a home game and so would have generated income. Where did my transfer fee of £3m go to?
  10. Sorry but i have around 10 player in transfer list in different gameworld and i don't receive offer...i receive offer of external club.. i receive offer only for player not in trasnfer list..this problem is persistent from about 1 month..
  11. Hello, first time asking for help. I recently made a new custom game world for me and 4 friends, me and 3 of my friends were smart and brought within our means, my other friend only managed to buy 18 players and no goal keeper, he only has 200k left and can't get anyone, what's going to happen to him?. The season hasn't started yet. Will he be sacked? Will the computer buy the spare players needed?, the economy is on very rich if that changes anything
  12. Substitutions based on condition and in match ratings might do some real magic for the managers, creation of a feature which substitute the players concerned automatically according to the in game situation (ratings and conditions) Ai transfer stategy should be made more authentic, now what i've seen is a player is transferred by the AI only to the teams in the country which the player belongs to, the transfer frequency can be made available as a feature in game world settings to match the managed teams in the league Auto pick should be made according to the form or ratings of the pl
  13. An unmanaged team in one of my gameworlds sold a player even though they only had 21 of their own players and one loaned to them by me. Is the squad minimum size still 21? The team has received a bid for another player so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I can only assume a bug has made the game think the team had 22 players... unless the minimum limit has been removed or made smaller?
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