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Found 11 results

  1. Many good clubs such as Inter Milan, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Man City, etc are available. It's a world Championship. Game World ID:- 427081
  2. Hi all, a mate of mine has started a new game world (world championship). ID is 422060. Feel free to join
  3. Hey guys! Thanks for the view. I have a game-world which has literally just opened up. It's a standard World Champ Game World. It doesn't matter whether you're interested in building a lower team and taking them through promotions or starting at a big club and living the glamorous life. All are welcome. I just want to have a fun, full active game-world Here is the Game-World ID: 402633 Look Forward to Hosting You! Cheerio 😃
  4. Game World ID 377668 - League of The Greatest Looking for managers to join this Game World, featuring 80 of the greatest clubs in the World. This Game World has just been created and all clubs are currently available. Please join for a competitive, fair experience and invite as many people as possible to try to fill the Game World.
  5. Current managers from WC 4300 have been informed that Liverpool has appointed a new manager. Liverpool is looking forward to the changes that new manager Daniel Gramberg will make in the squad and to the tactical reformation the squad will go through the coming period. On his first day the new manager made offers on several players and he has shown interest in some players as well. No less then eight players will join the Liverpool squad in the next 24 hours. Manager Gramberg already has stated that more players will be joining during the coming weeks. How this will work out for Liverpool on t
  6. You can join my game world. Only Real Madrid and Bayern taken. GW ID : 369432
  7. You can join my game world. Only Real Madrid and Bayern taken. GW ID : 369432
  8. You can join my game world. Only Real Madrid and Bayern taken. GW ID : 369432
  9. Real Madrid available in GW 1402, id :6028. Lots of teams available, lots of cash to be spent. Hurry before the vultures circle!
  10. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP /// ID: 335882 /// A friend of mine just made a casual world championship, original squads, many good teams available, bayern, juventus etc. 50mil starting budget for everyone. Helping him fill up his world, feel free to apply =) might be nice if you let me know who you're applying for as well, we don't want any random rotten eggs in the league
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