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Found 3 results

  1. HI guys My name is Rob and I have launched 3 successful custom GWs in 2017. Euro Underdogs, Second Rate and most recently New World Order (NWO)......NWO has a website www(dot)nwo-league(dot)cf......this will give you some idea what I am trying to achieve...... Having played the game for over a year I became disillusioned with cheats and multiple accounts so I started to create my own custom GWs. These are all full and have gone well but I'm still not happy. Now I can Say I have GWS full of honest managers, but I am looking for a complete interactive social community. NWO is just the start. I want to create a GW where managers use media and contribute to the website/blog, and are active within the GW on a regular basis. Too many managers pick their team and that is it. This is absolutely fine and nothing wrong with that and course not everybody has the time to do much more. I understand that. BUT.....I do believe out there, there are 99 other managers who share my enthusiasm for something a bit more. Currently NWO has a website, we interview managers using skype and we have written articles from managers, a Facebook group, manager of the month and season, internal betting (not real money) and lots more ideas to come......of the 100 NWO managers I would say maybe 50 are committed to a more active experience. So I need at least another 50 hardcore Soccer M enthusiasts. I took 4 months to prepare and build NW) and my next project will take longer. I already the theme and the rules I will use, But getting the right people in is the most important factor. Are you this manager? Have you been looking for this yourself? If so ....join GW 363478...this is a dead gw but I use it for ppl to meet me their and add me as a friend as a way of contact. YOu can leave the gw if you so wish.....this is purely to arrange contact.. Rob
  2. This is the last post I will put up for NEW WORLD ORDER. If you have no idea what this is about.......on you tube type NEW WORLD ORDER GAME WORLD SOCCER MANAGER Also there is a blog www.nwo-league.cf Myself and Kev Wright have planned and organised this carefully vetting applicants to avoid cheats and get the best possible people in. We also have a very experienced soccer m panel that help with recruitment identifying any suspect accounts. Managers history is studied (managers who don't commit and quit teams early need not apply), and the panel then make a decision on each applicant. 15 managers have been rejected. Managers do not choose teams. Instead there will be a Live draw in London to decide who gets what similar to the champions league and FA CUP draw, (except it's in the pub) Contact Myself or Kev Wright or join an empty GW 363478 where you will find me and can add me. Rob
  3. An update on New World Order. The GW is due to open January 1st 2018 but we may consider bringing it forward depending on numbers. We have 44 managers signed up at present. If you would like to know more you can message me here, you can click on YOU TUBE and type NEW WORLD ORDER GAME WORLD SOCCER MANAGER, or you can add me as a friend. A lot of planning and preparation is going into this GW in terms of which managers are recruited, the structure of the GW in terms of rules and challenges and also with the interactive blog that will run parallel to the GW. Cheers. Rob
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