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David de Gea VS Anders Lindegaard

David de Gea VS Anders Lindegaard  

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    • Anders Lindegaard
    • David de Gea

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Re: David de Gea VS Anders Lindegaard

personally fergie has destroyed de geas head imo.. i dont see how he comes back mentally..

lindegaard isnt ground breaking and has made enough unpunished errors himself imo.. he isnt a first choice.. club is 2 big for him personally..

but both players are behind evra who i feel has called time on united in his own head.. ferdinand whose legs have gone.. had a gap with the injury of vidic.. bascially not the finest back line united have had in a while.. they have relied 2 much personally on the kids at the back and its been costly at times..

i like de gea alot and i like united on the quiet.. think they invested very well but are missin 1 or 2 big name standouts for me in key positions.. they seriously need a hatchet man..

de gea anyday for me though over lindegaard.. i rekon his important stops have way outnumbered his errors this season..

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Re: David de Gea VS Anders Lindegaard

Dunno in what context we're talking here but in SM terms' date=' I'd probably keep De Dea, younger and won't drop and always has a chance to rise.

In real life Lindegaard, he's alot more assured and reliable than De Gea, at this moment in time.[/quote']

hes playin role of under dog mate.. hell of alot easier to play than the 1 de gea is..

like i said.. u cant mess with peoples heads in certain situations and fergie has done that a few times for me with de gea..

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