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WEBS League - Opened 9th Feb

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When England Becomes Skint

Opened 5pm on the 9th February 2012

For Season 2 rules and information, scroll down.

The English football league system has collapsed. With many teams going bankrupt and most players leaving the sport, major sponsors pulling out leaving no room for financial growth, England’s most popular sport is in danger of becoming extinct.

Since the demise of Portsmouth, Darlington and Rangers in Scotland, many others followed suit. The Premier League lost over half of its teams including Everton and Newcastle last season due to financial difficulties, leading to many sponsors pulling out and decreasing attendances and broadcasting.

Even England’s top teams were on the brink of collapse, including both Manchester clubs. While others considered combining clubs, such as Everton and Liverpool, Aston Villa and Birmingham and Sunderland and Newcastle.

The FA disbanded, leaving English football in the hands of the WEBS Group, who had a plan to save the English game. WEBS decided to put a complete stop on the football league and promised to start it off from scratch.

They wanted applicants to restart the football league, with an official system and an attempt to enter European competition again.

They accepted 40 applicants, including Darlington, who have promised to put their financial difficulties behind them. But WEBS denied joint applications from Aston Villa/Birmingham, Liverpool/Everton, Newcastle/Sunderland, Bristol, Cardiff/Swansea and Portsmouth/Southampton, this meant that former clubs such as Birmingham City, Everton, Newcastle, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol City and Portsmouth would not be returning to English football. WEBS even denied county applications from Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Cornwall, Hampshire and Lincolnshire.

WEBS kept the 5 division* idea, but with 40 teams, only 8 were in each league. To make everyone even and to keep teams away from liquidation, each team were given a total sum of £10M , but only if they started off with no players and played at their current stadiums (Eg. Notts County applying to play at their neighbours ground, The City Ground). They have a contract which runs out in 3 seasons time, and if it is successful, the contract will be extended.

*Due to the reduced number of teams, the remaining Conference teams gained official league status. The new conference was the only division to be renamed, it is now called 'League 3'.

Because of the new format, the FA Cup remains and is still at the centre of the football world. Many thought it would finish but WEBS have agreed to keep it in, with the traditional random knockout format. The name of the cup is still undecided as the FA aren’t involved anymore, so the cup may still be renamed the WEBS Cup. Sadly, the League Cup has officially ended. WEBS are still in talks to introduce a similar cup competition and are looking for sponsors to invest.

UEFA have faith in the new English setup, by giving England 2 Champions League places and 3 Europa League places. Chelsea and Man Utd have been offered by WEBS to take part in the tournament and they have offered Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool to take part in the Europa League.

Of course there will be doubts, but this is a new start for English football, and hopefully a successful one.


Season 2

Season 1 saw alot of investment, not just the entire system and English football in general, but some league clubs were bought by richer owners, creating mayhem. This meant that the finance distribution was very uneven. Therefore there was a transfer embargo on all clubs until season 2.

Season 2 saw dramatic changes in the rules to make things more even. Since the leagues have seen massive investment, each team will earn more money per game. Will the amount of players in the leagues increasing, they are more likely to be more concerned about game time. Also, and the most dramatic change is the spending limit. Each club will only be allowed to spend £4M on each player.

So, Season 2 Rules In Full:

Red - Indicates Changed Rules

Economy Level - Very Rich Economy

Teams can now spend ALL of their money.

Player can develop concerns - YES

SMFA monitoring transfers on - NO

Can only offer cash to clubs in deals - NO

Buying from Unmanaged Clubs - NOT ALLOWED

Buying from External Clubs - ALLOWED

No buying over the age of - ANY AGE ALLOWED

No buying players rated over - ANY RATING ALLOWED

Cannot do cash transfers over - £4M

Transfer window - Transfers can take place at anytime throughout the season.

Can only buy players with the same nationality as your club - NO

Manager sacked if they finish in bottom - NO MANGERS SACKED

Manager must login to this Game World at least every - 14 days


Season 1 Information and Links


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When England Becomes Skint Opened 5pm on the 9th February 2012 For Season 2 rules and information, scroll down. The English football league system has collapsed. With many teams going bankrupt and

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