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Not Enough Evidence you say.....

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Here's one that's just happened in a new WC that I even paid money to reserve a team in.

No extra money from me anymore SM.

Same old **** response about not finding any evidence and all I said to them was to read the NEWS FEED. No need to call in CSI SM it's pretty clear cut here....

I understand multiple accounts are hard to confirm if using different IP's but not when the dumb ass's make it so obvious.

I wanted to post this to show the peoples name in question. All I can say is if they are playing in your league (WC 14321 or 13709)... look out since SMFA won't do jack about it.


adrian davila joins Inter and Jordi Davila joins Porto... fair enough for me


Immediately adrian davila (Inter) sells Zanetti to Porto for 18M... hmmmm ok I can accept that, a little expensive but lets move on.


Oh 2 new managers join up.

Adrian Davila joins CSKA and victor davila joins Tottenham. Weird same last name as a few others on here, oh well maybe they are different.

Notice that Inter buys ROSSI from Villarreal for 20M


Inter sell Lucio to Jordi Davila at Porto for 24.3M

Oh Jordi Davila resigns from Porto, without even playing a game, poor Zanetti and Lucio.

Hang on Jordi Davila has found a new job at Villarreal.. good luck to him

Wait a sec, Adrian Davila resigns from CSKA on the day he sells his young keeper to Inter.

Oh Adrian Davila picks up the Juventus job. Lucky..


adrian davila (Inter) again sells an aging star Forlan for 20M to Jordi's Davila's new team Villarreal

Oh no Jordi Davila has quit again on the same day after the purchase, cant keep him happy it seems.

adrian davial (Inter) sells Milito for 20M to Adrian Davila (notice the spelling) Juventus


Oh no Adrian Davila now seems upset and has decided to quit his Juventus post after buying his brand new bargain player.


adrian davila now links trading of all the davilas and sells Cambiasso for 21M to Tottenham.


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Re: Not Enough Evidence you say.....

I'm Flabbergasted, I shouldn't be but I am, CSI SM or whatever volunteer looked at your ticket must be a cave dwelling bat like humanoid that see's with echo location instead of using his hybrid human eyes and should use his mutant super brain to see.... well what is just in plain sight for god's sake.

Try contacting them again regarding this bud, I'm sure whoever looked at this did not check properly. Apart from that what else can you do?

Edit, yeah what Radebe and Deniyal said, contact a Dev, SmDev is prob the fella to talk to.

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Guest Daniyal

Re: Not Enough Evidence you say.....

Woah I think you can send a Private message to SM Dev on this forum site, but I've never seen that amout of cheating before, disgraceful.

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Re: Not Enough Evidence you say.....

The people that you need to read this, don't read this section.

You need to PM a developer, you'll see their names in red (apart from tebthereb). Most will have their PMs switched off but there a couple who will take action and look into it for you.

Either that or simply keep sending it until you get a half decent admin to take the appropriate action.

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Re: Not Enough Evidence you say.....

Well I just logged in to find out the Inter manager has been removed and the transfers reversed. I even had a PM from the manager stating he's Dad was the other player.... who cares, you made it so obvious you get what you deserve.


I am not sure who read this but I am glad someone actually saw how blatant it was.

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