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Who Can Win The League


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Who Can Win The League is a Custom Set-up creater by James Purdy, This thread is for Match Reports/Club News/Transfer News.

They are still alot of teams availabull and if anyone would like to join send James Purdy a message on the Soccer Manager website.

We are also including a Youth League in the set-up wich the Fixtures are created by me and James Purdy and the Matches shall be freindlies wich will consist of players under the age of 21 unless they have aged during the League.

Game World Honours

Season 1

Divison Winner-

Divison Runners Up-

Youth League Winner-

Youth League Runners Up-

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Re: Who Can Win The League

Real Madrid confirm new manager!

Real Madrid have confirmed Josh Perry as there new manager, They believe that their new manager will restore Real Madrids El Galácticos era and bring gold to the club once again.

"Josh Perry has great tactics that will work well with the club and he has the knowledge of making a great team and will bring in the correct players, He has already ayed a few to sign." Real Madrid's president Florentino Pérez told sky sports news.

"It's a great pleasure to manage a club like Real Madrid, They already have great players which will make my job significantly easier, However I have got a few players that I would like to sign." New Manager Josh Perry told in a Press Conference

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Re: Who Can Win The League

Still loads of teams available get adding and get requesting

Teams available


atletico madrid

bayern munich


cheltenham town

inter milan



man city

ac milan






werder bremen

However as been open for a while some big transfers has been done, every team started off with 300m.

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