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São Paulo News And Match Reports (GC98)

Mr - Hammer

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Young English Manager Moves To Brazil Football

Today Brazil power house Sao Paulo have named young English manager Mattuie Beckett as there new coach. The side who have had four manager have said the 12 time championship winning coach was the right chose of signings as thay try too show the world there power, the coach has been given two contracs by the club. The first being a five year deal with the squad the second being the managers role at the Brazil NT. Now a lot of the fans are asking who is this coach well he is the next big up coming manager he has been dubed the next Harry Redknapp and fans are saying who will be his first signing.


Manager Makes Fans Chear As He Names Two Aims

Well the manager is reported too have made eight offer the big news is the manager seems close to a deal for Portugal star Ronaldo but he has not rulled out a shock bid for Messi. The two stars of football will have to fight it out for there place, but has Beckett pulled the plug too soon on letting know his main two aims or is this a plan too make the players want a move. It is reported if one was too sign this could see the loss of star hit man Ibrahimovic, but the fans are ready too take that loss on the chin.

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Re: São Paulo News And Match Reports (GC98)



Manager Makes Big Call In French Welcome!

Today English manager Mattuie Beckett has welcomed in too his squad French trio Cabaye - Dabo - Meniez. The deal has seen Muller leave too join Italy power house Roma and coach Beckett has said this is a good deal all around. The trio will be key here and already Meniez and Cabaye have looked good in training all I have too say is this team can only get better with signings like this.


Inter Star Joins Brazil League!

In a shock move Romanian left back Chivu has signed a three year deal with Brazil power house Sao Paulo. The 31 year old has said this dose not mean the end of his time as a top player, he has joined with some big names here and he feels this could become the brake out team around the world. The star played only 69 games in Italy and has said that he feels that he could pass that hear easy.


Eto'o Shocks World With Brazil Move!

One of the worlds best strikers Eto'o has signed a three year deal with Sao Paulo. The star has played 131 games before joining and has been handed a three year deal. He is in a battle too get fit and in too the first team but with Ibrahimovic too battle with can the big man make his impact known in one of the best teams in the world.

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