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A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)


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Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)


This team is eligible for the youth cup right?:confused:

Yea... field so strong team' date=' you determined to win the competition? lol.

This will be quite fun, we have 3 major competitions now.

1. ANP League

2. ANP Cup

3. ANP Forum Championship

I like the forum championship because it has group qualification that's missing from league and cup, it should add more fun to our league. I have to believe my odds got a little better with 3 instead of 2, hahaha.


Don't think I have much change to my reserve team mentioned earlier.. maybe one or two more youths to mingle around.

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Guest <klhepworth.

Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)



Ahmed Musa +2 -> 85

Youth & Reserve Cup Team (In a 5-3-2 Defensive)





Santon-Isimat Mirin-Muniesa-Boileson


Salvio-L. De Jong-Yarmolenko




More youth than reserve, but it should be competitive:)

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Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

Accepted Porto offer ' date=' thanks to Dvoked


Have less than 1 mil in the bank :( nothing i can do now but

the squad looks great :D

This is Porto's 1st team look like :


Jones not first team..! Means he's coming to my team! :D

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Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

thats why i havent loaned out anyone.

need two squads if you want to progress on all levels.

It may sound harsh but if you need to loan players then its really bad management as we all started with the same amount of players 0 and the same amount of cash £250m its down to you to manage your budgets and spend wisely.

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Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

Been looking around and don't feel I can challenge for the title as originally thought.....we will see

I might do well in the Forum Championship however have a mightly looking Schalke in my group AND I'm playing them first!

3 more days

:eek: my team is not that strong

btw anyone knows what are data packs?

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