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Trolling within 'Official Club' threads

Guest SM Dev (Ste)

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Guest SM Dev (Ste)

The General Football section of the Forum is one of the most popular areas, however, myself and the other Mods have noticed quite a big increase in the number of complaints being made about posts that come from this section of the Forum, more specifically in reference to 'Official Club' threads.

I've reviewed a lot of the reports, reviewed the section in general and discussed with some of the Mods on how we can tackle this.

Although we operate a quite a liberal policy within the 'Official Club' threads, that does not mean that trolling other members and their clubs will be tolerated.

Yes, football is all about rivalry, about having a bit of a laugh at the expense of your rivals, but when a member takes this too far on a rivals 'Official Club' thread by trolling it causes unwanted altercations and it also drives members away from the Forum.

Myself and the other mods do not want to start issuing infractions or banning individuals from the Forum, but if we think it is in the best interests of the community then that is exactly what we will do.

Please enjoy the 'Official Club' threads, but also respect other members and their clubs.

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