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Best keeper ever?


Best keeper ever?  

  1. 1.

    • Shmeichel
    • Casillas
    • Buffon
    • Kopke
    • Van der Sar
    • Seaman
    • Neuer
    • Kahn
    • Pagliuca
    • Shilton

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Re: Best keeper ever?

Neuer?Awful list...he didnt even won something with his club and you put him in the list for best GK's ever?

Some of you told me he isnt overhyped..

coz a player hasnt won anything he cant be considered best of his generation???

come on you are only talking stats then...giggs never won a world cup so he cant be amongst the best either?

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Re: Best keeper ever?

that's overhyping him. He could break his leg tomorrow and retire. Or just flop

1.Is my opinion and my sig..I can write on it Heskey the best player in the world.

2.I said he's NEXT best player in future+he's my fav one so I can say whatever I want about him.Im the only guy who is saying that on forum but about Neuer almost whole forum was saying Neuer>Casillias which is insane.Neuer dint won something so far and he's just Germany NT GK and Munich one and just did some mistakes too.

Im not really overhyping him because Gotze/Hazard have the potential to be the best IN FUTURE.We're talking about present so...

EDIT: Neuer will never be better then Casillias or Schmeichel or Buffon or Yashin.Simply because he dont have the potential and simply because everybody pay attention for him even if he isnt something special.Just a good GK who rarely make mistakes and who sometimes have phenomenal saves but in rest...

Hart is amuch better GK then Neuer.

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