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obviously i realise that the GW economy level (poor,rich etc) partly determines the income streams. though surely the difference between normal and high is probably only a percentage increase of the level of income for normal economy. I have two teams, both in Div 5 custom setups (both are normal economy). one of them I get 100,000 tv revenue and the other 26,000. quite a difference obviously. both have 20 teams in them. the only real difference is one is made up of largely conference and league two teams and the other league one/two.

I just wonder why the revenue is so different....the only thing that might make sense is the average ratings of the teams in one of the leagues being greater than the teams in the other. the league where i get 100,000 are teams with about a 74-77 average rating and the one where i get 26,000 are teams with about an average ranging from 66-73. like i said the setup rules in both GW's are the same and both my teams are in Div 5. the tv money i get is the same each week though, even with teams improving in these leagues.

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