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5 Division English Championship's are back

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Game World ID: 93869

Game World ID: 93898

SM recently stopped making 5 divison championships as part of the normal English league setups, they are now only available in Gold Championships.

I've decided to take matters into my own hands by creating two of them.

one GW is set up with teams distributed among the divisions depending on average ratings of the squads (high - low) which is pretty much as the leagues are in real life. the other has teams distributed based on the size of the club's fanbase, with the traditionally well supported clubs with big stadiums all in the top flight, including the likes of Leeds, Sheffield United and Derby. teams such as QPR, Wigan and Norwich start in the Championship.

I've set both games to private application for now. You'll need to be either a gold member or have a rep of over 150 to manage one of the "super six" in each world. (chelsea, man u, arsenal, liverpool, man city, spurs)

For the rest of the teams in the PL you will need a rep of atleast 100.

For teams outside the PL, you must simply have a rep higher than 45.

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Re: 5 Division English Championship's are back

good luck with them :)

guys, liverpool and tottenham still available in this game world:


liverpool available in this one:


The first league games are on sunday.

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