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Daniel Sturridge


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Re: Daniel Sturridge

+2 would be ridiculous imo. That would mean he's on the same standard as Gotze (who went up from 89-91) and I don't think I have to explain that :o

+1 should be very possible though and next season he can surely rise again. Though honestly I think if he's sometimes a bit less selfish and passes instead of taking the shot himself Chelsea can score more goals and win more. (And thus getting him a higher rating, though I don't think he gives a sh*t :P)

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Re: Daniel Sturridge

maybe +1 :(

I think even that might be wishful thinking. If he scores another 4 goals in the last 8 games then he might have an outside chance to push him to 90, as he would be performing well. But in the last 2 games he's looked not that interested, to the dismay of some Liverpool fans i know who go the home/away games. Also where Liverpool finish in the league will play a factor.

Lukaku at WBA is rated 88 out performing and scoring Sturridge at the moment and there's only 1 point between liverpool and WBA in the league. So out of them 2 players, Lukaku would be the riser if i had to choose. As he's a 90 rated player all day long in my opinion

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