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future stars: youths under 85


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Re: future stars: youths under 85

These are my favorite types of threads

Crushes my sold that someone wrote Ahmed Musa and I sold him just before he went up by 2, damn haha. Anyway here is some


INSIGNE, Lorenzo


GRIMALDO, Alejandro

DONGOU, Jean Marie

LUQUE, Carlos

The two Barca players in red are must buys for me

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Re: future stars: youths under 85

id like to purchase a lot of youths who are cheap who are also GOOD. I'm looking for players that are the stars of the future' date=' will most likely keep having good rises, and are under 85.[/quote']

Ocampos Age 17 80

Mateo Kovacic Age 17 75

Paul Pogba Age 18 77

Leno 19 85

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen 19 25

Paco Alacacer 18 78

Joel Campbell 18 83

Ryo Miyachi 18 80

Juan Iturbe 18 83

Rodrigo Moreno 21 85

Conor Wickham 18 84

Fecundo Ferreyra 20 83

Sergio Araujo 20 78

Rafinha Alcantra 18 80

Deulofeu 18 80

Erick Torres 19 84

Muniesa 19 84

Montoya 20 85

Bartra 20 85

The players in red are must-buys.

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Re: future stars: youths under 85

frimpong 20 - 80 (first team opportunities are probably limited but future dm at arsenal maybe. Widely acknowledged as talented so rises should be decent)

f. viviani 19 - 77 (might not get huge rises in near future, because he'll have limited time on the pitch, but then again currently the team has many injuries which might mean opportunities for the lad)

ross barkley 18 - 80 (will probably get into the first team within a year, acknowledged as been good prospect so will probably get modest rises)

josh mceachran 18 - 82 (if he moves away, will probably get more first team action, otherwise will take a while to rise from current club)

draxler 18 - 84 (definitely getting into the first team so will probably see modest rises, has talent so it may be consistent rises too)

leitner 18 - 84 (has talent but might not easily get first team opportunities, and already being at 84 means he's less likely to see huge rises)

I've left out a few obvious ones, like chamberlain or rafinha alacantra. Sorry for any repeats.

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