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European Championship 2930 (OPENED!)

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Re: European Championship 2930 (pre-season)

There's an Ikea in Glasgow' date=' The restaurant tastes like the dogs privates [b']but there is also a sort of kiddy play pen where the adults drop their youngsters for a few hours. I love it there.[/b] ;)

I'm sure you do :P

If someone takes Dortmund they'll be shot.

Im Serious

No one else but me has the right to shoot people.. My GW' date=' my rules :o

Btw, about 12 hours till opening time :)

[b']Edit/: Just realized that I'll be awake tomorrow by the time the GW opens (8 = 9 in Holland) so send me a PM with your ingame name if you want me to invite you. I'm not exactly sure but I believe you can invite only 2 friends right? So the first two to send me a message will be the lucky guys ;)

Another Edit/: Its 3 friends, so 3 of you can send me a message :P[/b]

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