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Is 4-4-2 a winnable tactic?

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Hello, I was wondering is the 4-4-2 a winnable tactic and could I implement it with my team? I'm currently playing 4-5-1 and my starting team can be seen below.


As I want to play Podolski & Klose upfront together?, with Malouda & Rafinha running down the flanks. Any Advise would be worthwile :) thanks.

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Riferimento: Is 4-4-2 a winnable tactic?

i would use Sleeps's suggestion and i suggest you to select a normal/defensive mentality

it seems to work better than using an attacking mentality and i score also more

however your 4-5-1 works very well against 4-1-3-2 and 4-4-2 diamond formations so it's not to be sneezed at! ;)

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