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EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

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Well, we've just hit March, meaning the finale to arguably the worlds greatest league (excluding the Scottish leagues, of course) is drawing to a close. I am an avid fan of the EPL, And Im proud to s

Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. he looked very good whilst at leeds and has played well this season i can see him playing lower prem level in the future however he won't rise for a good y

Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12. SWANSEA VORM, Michel 87 - 88/87 MOREIRA, Jose 85 - 83 TREMMEL, Gerrard 85 - 83 TAYLOR, Neil 84 - 85 BESSONE, Federico 82 - 81/82 WALSH, Joe 75 - 75

Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

Okay' date=' 89 is fair. I saw 90 or even 91 though...he's been nowhere near that level throughout the season.[/quote']

The 90 is a slim chance I agree, but still, there is a chance. And Ive tended to say if there is a chance, no matter how small, then he may always get it. SM are fairly unpredictable :rolleyes:

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Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

Do you mean Joe Allen? Neil Taylor should hit 86' date=' while Allen will probably rise to the same rating but i wouldn't rule out a rise to 87. No more than that though.[/quote']

Aye, I'd agree with that.

Added Fulham and Everton also. Pretty tough, as their two teams who are doing average this season, no more, no less. Not alot of big changes.

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Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

Deserves a plus one/two id say' date='10 goals aint to shabby in a team like wolves:)[/quote']

Certainlty not worthy of a +2, maybe even not a +1. Fact he excludes himself from his national team doesnt help his cause for a rise either. That and his form as of late has slowed down.

Im not overly fussed what he gets, Just didnt think using the team he plays for as a sole reason for him not reason was fair.

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Re: Respuesta: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

Fletcher shouldn't rise. Wolves are terrible and he's only scored 4/5 since his last review which I doubt is enough for a rise.

Do you think Fraizer Campbell will rise? And do you think it's possible for him to go to the Euro?

I don't think he'll rise now but it's possible at the end of the season if he scores regularly for Sunderland and they pick their form back up again.

I personally don't think he should go to the Euros but there is a slim chance for him.

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Re: EPL - End of Season Predictions 11/12.

SCHWARZER, Mark 89 - 89

STOCKDALE, David 84 - 85


ETHERIDGE, Neil 75 - 75

SOMOGYI, Csaba 75 - 75

RIISE, John Arne 89 - 89

BRIGGS, Matthew 82 - 82

GRYGERA, Zdenek 87 - 87

KELLY, Stephen 85 - 86

HANGELAND, Brede 89 - 89

HUGHES, Aaron 87 - 87/86

SENDEROS, Philippe 87 - 87

HALLICHE, Rafik 84 - 84

BAIRD, Chris 87 - 87


DAVIES, Simon 87 - 86

RIISE, Bjørn Helge 84 - 84

MURPHY, Danny 88 - 88

SIDWELL, Steve 87 - 87

ETUHU, Dickson 87 - 87

DIARRA, Mahamadou 88 - 88/87

GECOV, Marcel 83 - 83

KASAMI, Pajtim 83 -83/84

DEMPSEY, Clint 89 - 90

RUIZ, Bryan 89 - 89

DUFF, Damien 87 - 87

FREI, Kerim 78 - 79/80


DEMBELE, Moussa 88 - 88

WILLIAMS, Ryan 75 - 75

POGREBNYAK, Pavel 88 - 88

JOHNSON, Andy 87 - 87

SA, Orlando 82 - 82/83

DALLA VALLE, Lauri 77 - 77

Just my 2 cents on some of these ratings:

I wouldn't say Sa deserves 83- I do remember him missing an easy chance earlier this season.

Dembele should be 89, IMO- has attracted interest from Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool and has been one of our more consistent players this season

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