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Gold Championship 162

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Re: Gold Championship 162

Cardiff City are currently looking to sell 3 of their players who are all 24 and under!

Aron Gunnarsson' date=' Darcy Blake and Ben turner

If anyone is interested contact the Cardiff City Manager.[/quote']

So you got cardiff. Thought you would have got a better team knowing when 162 would be made :rolleyes:

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Re: Gold Championship 162

Deals so far:-

1.) 3 part deal with Montpellior.

Matip and 3 million for Yanga, then Raul and Pukki for Belhanda and finally Holger and Draxler for Giroud. Spaced out over a few days to avoid to bloomin SMFA :P

2.) 3.5 million and Tiote for my Jurado.

3.) 3.4 million, Sabah and Fuchs for Lars Bender.

4.) Maiga for Marica and 4 million.

So I will be using around ten million and a fair few players to get this quality into my team. Very happy with that :)

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Re: Gold Championship 162

Deals done so far -

Robert Earnshaw 84 - Will be the next player too move too a ever changing Anzhi, happy with the changes.

Giving cash for the Welsh star.

Eto'o 94 - Heading too Fiorentina in a deal for Montolivo + Amauri + Gulai the manager has been told if better comes up I will have too take it so get hold of me before he leaves.

Still got names like Zhirkov 90 for sale people.

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