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CHEATING - SM's new reporting system

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In a setup with which I manage Bayern, Lyon have the following transfer activity:

Miralem PJANIC Chivas de Guadalajara £43.0M

Ânderson NENE Chivas de Guadalajara £27.0M

Lukman HARUNA Chivas de Guadalajara £15.0M

Yuto NAGATOMO River Plate £23.0M

Dejan LOVREN River Plate £38.0M

Blaise MATUIDI River Plate £34.0M

There is also more (but this is simply of late). Both Chivas and River manager mysteriously resign straight after all transfers are complete. The new SM protocol for reporting this is limited to only being allowed to select the clubs (from a list) who are currently managed. Therefore I cannot report either Chivas or River due to the manager with multiple accounts having resigned.

As a result, I wrote of this in the description (of my ticket) and had to select another managed club which I stated as not being accountable but I had no other option in order to report the issue.

SM have now wrote back stating there is nothing wrong!!!!!!!! SM are obviously having a laugh as this is just the tip of the Lyon managers transfer dealings (all listed on his account).

Any help much appreciated as I am sure you all appreciate how annoying this gets!!


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Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system

Sungkai55 - I can't be chewed with you!!

cheekylad68 - Thanks for the advice. The problem with this however, is that the way in which a bug can be reported has changed and so I cannot do what you are suggesting. For example...

1 - From home screen I click help

2 - I then click on report a bug

3 - Under the cheating tab I then click on "A manager is cheating in the transfer market in my Game World."

4 - It then states "If you go to Transfers > All Transfers page when logged into your club then there is the option to report any illegal deals."

The problem now being that when I do this the action button has N/A and therefore will not allow me to report a single deal of the offending managers!!!! :mad:

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Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system

We have exactly the same problem in our league with one manager have multiple accounts with lower league clubs and buying the players from his main club for 30 mil plus and then resigning after 3 transfers.

There seems to be nothing we can do to report this...it makes the game a joke and in fact it seems quite deliberate to me that SM are turning a blind eye to this activity. In the end people will just get fed up with the cheating and the lack of regulation and will find a better pastime.

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Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system

Mate, just create a bugs ticket under transfers, and explain everything like it's explained here (maybe even link this thread into your ticket), just let them know you tried to report it before, it failed, but the deals are obviously dubious beyond a doubt, give them all the info you can and hope they actually read it and take action, I'd, also, rat him out in the gameworld through the newspaper, send him PM's calling him a cheat and telling him to stop cheating, give it to him hard, the best thing that could happen is that he'll report your posts and then SM will investigate him properly and hopefully kick him out. Good luck mate.

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Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system

I had something similar happen, though without dubious transfers, I think the guy was just picking which of his teams he wanted to win more, when they came head to head.

But anyway, I was involved in what I thought was an AWESOME finish to a season, 6 teams in with a chance of the title with 2 games to go. Turns out I came 3rd, but I was so impressed with it, until I noticed 4 of the other 5 managers resigned on the same day, including the winning guy. Further research proved my suspicions right, they seemed to be the same guy. Could I report him? No, because they had left!!!!

SM needs to provide a way to report managers even if they have left the setup. And also getting the guys who get banned, so just make a new account and come back to their team. Got one of them in my oldest setup, and I just want to beat him to bad whenever we play each other...

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Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system

Sadly there is nothing you can do.

I have tried countless times reporting it is as many ways as possible.

SM just do not care and it is not worth our time trying to sort out their useless cheat system.

All I can suggest is leave the gameworld and try to find one with no cheats in.

Cheats always prosper in SM.

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