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Can't report cheater

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There is a person in my GW who clearly manageing 2 clubs at the same time, somethink I'm told is against the rules

:accounts opened on same day

:Same location

:they log into their accounts within ten minutes of each other daily, which the odds of 2 random people doing would be very high

: 1 team played weaken squad for no reason when playing against each other in a league match

After reporting the issue last week, i got a sm message saying that action had been taken against the accounts and if i had any other issues to get in touch.

For 3 days they weren't online, which again looked suspicious but now it's how was before with him logging into different accounts within a few minutes.

I have tried to report it again with the multi clubs tab but says that i can't, as these to clubs have already been looked into. I just don't know how i'm meant to report them to SM, any ideas?

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Re: Can't report cheater

Similar query asked by me this week too:


The new SM report system needs work!! I have two suggestions for your problem. The 1st is to private message other managers who regularly login to the game world. Ask them to report the clubs involved. This has worked for me in the past. My 2nd option for you is to write an article in the newspaper pointing the finger. I wouldnt do this if you don't have friends in the setup as can cause all sorts of uproar. But I love it :) Go with the first option as SM's report system has many limitations at present!!

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