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who will be the next 5 players to hit 93?


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Re: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93?

I'd disagree with Carrick and Suarez TBH. Neither of them deserving of a 93 right now. Suarez is more than capable of hitting it but he must score more goals first IMO. He is quite wasteful in front of goal at times. Still a class act who should hit 93 at some point.

At times? Always has been...

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Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93?

perhaps coz he isnt nowhere near even a 92 yet...everyone previously mentioned is more likely at the moment IMO...

needs to move...

and playing for belgium not guna help...unless they become a superpower in football soon with all these young talents...

ejem ejem, what do u say about hazard and 92??? now hazard only need to move a big team like M.City and he will hit 95. tiempo al tiempo y se verá

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Re: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93?

I'm going to be the special one and post more then 5 players, why cause I can't pick only 5.











*Van Der Vaart*



*Van Der Vaart - I'm unsure of VDV, Spuds might get CL next season and VDV has been in my opinion an important player for them, he probably deserves a 93, will he get it I don't know*

*M'Vila - Has the potential to be a big player needs to move away from Ligue 1 to ever have any chance of rising to 93, but with a move on the cards looking likely this summer? (or winter down here) it could be the springboard needed to launch him into the mid 90's*

*Sahin - What's happened to Sahin, is he injured or just out of favour, I don't know, either way should he find form for Real and string a great season together or move to another club and pick up where he left off (Bundesliga Player of the Season), his undoubted talent will see him rise to the mid 90's with ease*

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