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How many loans can I have?


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Re: How many loans can I have?

I know this might be answered somewhere' date=' but I couldn't find it, so sorry in advance.

My question is: How many loans can I have with one single team?

I know that deals are limited to 3 per season per team, but do loans count to this?[/quote']

You can only have 3 loans maximum per season but when a new gameworld starts sometimes you will have more than 3 loan players already at the club, which is fine as it will not allow you to bring in any more loans and will shuffle them out at the end of the season or when recalled and then you will be back to the max 3 loans per club.

You can buy 3 players from a team then you can loan players from that team also as they do not count towards the 3 deals per club.

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