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Charly Musonda Jr - Belgians brightest talent

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Name: Charly Musonda

Age: 15

Nationality: Belgian

Club: Anderlecht

SM rating: not on database

Charly Musonda is one of 3 Musonda brothers currently on the books at Anderlecht and is the son of ex Zambian international Charly Musonda Sr who played for Anderlecht for 10 years until 1997.

Charly is considered one of the most talented youngsters in belgian football and has already been the subject of interest from all of the top clubs in Europe including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Man United and Man City.

Charly Jr and his father were recently interviewed and said the following:

Charly Jr:

"My dad is called by top clubs every week," he told Het Nieuwsblad. "Last year, he even had to change his number! Barcelona called and are my favourite team, I watch them every week. But I want to follow my father into the Anderlecht first team."

Charly Sr:

“We have had invitations to come to Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City.

“So far I have said no to all of them. But the amount of money which has been offered to us is now crazy.

“We have been to look at the set up of Barcelona and at the same time a Real Madrid scout has assured us that my son Charly Jr. would definitely get a place in Madrid.”

Jan Boskamp, the former Stoke and Anderlecht boss, has also seen the youngster in action and said:

“Charly is the best of all young talents, a mix of Xavi and Iniesta.

“There is not a kid at his age who is so brilliant.”

Charly is still very young so may not be close to the first team just yet but it sounds like its only a matter of time before he is breaking into the Anderlecht first team and then making the move on to the biggest stages in European and world football

With belgium already producing young talents such as Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, and now the emergence of players such as Charly Musonda not far behind them, the future looks very bright for belgian football

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Charly Musonda - Next 'Eden Hazard'

Charly Musonda


Charly Musonda Jr. is a young Belgian midfielder in the Anderlecht academy that appears to be on his way to Chelsea FC for next season. It's hard to profile a kid this young, as he really isn't physically developed at all. I'd assume from the limited amount that I've seen that he'll play in an advanced midfield role though.

Their future problem will be making an impact before the youngest Musonda, Charly Junior, comes along; he’s been described by ex-Anderlecht coach Johan Boskamp as a "mix between Xavi and Iniesta". Hyperbole perhaps but all the usual suspects have tried to sign him, with Barcelona being the most insistent. With all the talk about him, Charly Junior, 15, has a heavy weight to carry. He’s often appeared for the Belgium U16 team and can be seen on YouTube.


Apparently, Anderlecht General Manager, Herman Van Holsbeeck has said that he appreciated the way Chelsea conducted their negotiations. Chelsea have agreed to take all the three Musonda brothers to London and have also made a significant financial offer, according to John Champman, a Belgium Football Pundit.

This news comes as a shock to one and all associated with Belgium football as Charly Musonda had a contract till 2018. However, he is not 16 yet and that allows him to leave, if he pleases to. Moreover, Charly Juniors' two brothers had been awarded professional contracts last year. Furthermore, Charly Musonda Senior, the father of the three Musonda brothers is the Youth Team Coach of Anderlecht.

The Musonda brothers are highly rated by many around the world. Barcelona, Manchester City and United, Arsenal, Real Madrid have all shown interest in Charly Junior. Barca and Man City even had brought Charly Junior to their club and shown the facilities around, trying to convince him to join.

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Re: Charly Musonda - Next 'Eden Hazard'

Great threat. Charly Musonda Jr is by far the most talent player of the 3. It’s clear Chelsea made a family deal, but in my opinion only Charly has the talent to reach the first team. Just 1 remark: the father was not a youth team coach but an equipment manager. He also played for the first team of Anderlecht. Great player but injuries stopped his career.

Never the less a big loss for Anderlecht.

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the Musonda brothers from RSA ANDERLECHT

The musonda brothers 20-18-15 years old have singh whit chelsea.

there dad Charly Musonda a old player from anderlecht and not so a bad player have won many cup's and now work also for the club just to till now He have 3 very good sons but the special one is the 15 years old charly musonda junior he is the big talent many clubs won't him barcelona-real madrid-manchester united-manchester city-liverpool-arsenal he is and till is a toptalent one or not the best player in belguim and outside from the 15 years and older.

the have play always whit Anderlecht just to till now .

now the familie leave belguim ,the go to play whit chelsea the two older brothers have singh a prof-contract ,for the young kid the have paid a extra 500.000€ to the familie, and the give a new job to his dad, a house, etc...

musonda lamisha is 20 years have not play many game's in the frist team play cm-rm-am is a talent but form me a normal talent a good player can even better player than bigilia , but than is dennis preat better for the same age also a toptalent how long he is go to stay... not long i think

musonda tika is 18 years have play all the young team's whit anderlecht and play cm-dm-am have more in him than lamisha.

musonda charly junior that is the player whit the big talent, play cm-dm-cb a new yann M'Villa that one jou must buy is a player to watch out have break all records in belguim. one off the great of not the bigger talent in europa.

is a real toptalent and only 15 years is free to go where he won't to is not yet 16 years but chelsea the have give already 500.000€+a housse and work for the familie so watch out for him.

the won't only the young junior but chelsea must take also the 2 others brothers on there dad conditions, chelsea brought a serious effort to the young talent to win.

all this is done behind the backs of anderlecht where it is very regrettable to find that it happens this way, where there his children play at the age of 10 years for Anderlecht soccer.

once again the best players in belgium were bought for big money.

are there no more players in other countries, that chelsea all the Belgian talent comes off buying, after courtois-de bruyne-hazard-lukaku-maybe also fellaini and batsuhayi and even moussa demeble are rumors from.

chelsea has a substantial sum paid to anderlecht how much is kept strictly confidential Anderlecht regret the way things are true again the lose a great talent although chelsea acted properly.



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