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who should i sell?


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i want to raise funds for alexis sanchez and i need opinions on who to sell!

NEUER, Manuel Gk 25 93

HART, Joe Gk 24 91

RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 23 90

ABATE, Ignazio RB/RM 25 90

BADSTUBER, Holger CB/LB 23 91

BOATENG, Jérôme Def 23 90

VIDAL, Arturo CM/Def 24 91


KROOS, Toni AM/CM 22 90

VAZQUEZ, Franco AM/Wing 23 78

DI MARIA, Ángel Wing/AM 24 93

MATA, Juan Wing/AM 23 92

CALLEJÓN, José Fwd/Wing 25 88

CAVANI, Édinson Fwd


GIROUD, Olivier CF


FERNANDES, Mário RB/CB 21 86

MONTOYA, Martín RB 20 85

ZOUMA, Kurt CB/RB 17 78

VARANE, Raphaël CB/DM 18 86

JONES, Phil Def/DM 20 89

M'VILA, Yann DM/CM 21 90

ROMEU, Oriol DM/CM 20 86

RAFINHA, Alcántara CM/AM 19 80

VERRATTI, Marco CM/AM 19 76

XHAKA, Granit CM 19 86

KOVACIC, Mateo AM/CM 17 75

EL SHAARAWY, Stephan AM/Wing 19 84

SHAQIRI, Xherdan Wing/LB 20 89

MIYAICHI, Ryo Wing/Fwd 19 80

WELBECK, Danny Fwd/Wing 21 88

CUENCA, Isaac Fwd/Wing 20 84

TELLO, Cristian Fwd/Wing 20 82

DYBALA, Paulo Fwd/Wing 18 76

BORINI, Fabio Fwd 21 83

GUIDETTI, John Fwd 19 81

ROGGIA, Lucas CF 21 75

PROSENIK, Philipp CF 19 72

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Re: who should i sell?

You have an absolute cracking team mate, personally i think its best if you put up your starting 11 players and what formation you use because there isnt any obvious droppers in there :)

Is Alexis Sanchez available at Chairmans value or can you buy him off a manager for a certain amount of cash, asking so people no who to tell you sell to make up the value.

In terms of goalkeeper situation I would probably wait until these upcoming changes and sell Hart when he gets a +1 to 92, because you only need one top class keeper.

Callejon is one who you could sell, but im not sure if he will get a +1 or not in these upcoming changes.

If you were looking sell one or two youths to raise funds anyway i would probably let Mario Fernandes, Marco Verratti, Lucas Roggia and Philipp Prosenik, you could get shut of Borini when he rises.

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Re: who should i sell?

i play 3-5-2 with neuer badstuber richards and boateng, vidal mata di maria kroos and m'vila and cavani and llorente. i sold of mario fernandes, and prob sell callejon after the ratings, i submitted a bid of 16.1 mil at chairman's value but i am afraid another manager will come in with a higher bid :S

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