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A Tribute to WC 10000


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A Tribute to WC 10000

World Championship 10000 had 3 seasons as the top World Championship but as some rouge managers came in and started killing off the very few unmanaged teams, many managers have left leaving the game world in decline.

Here we have the new 'A Tribute to WC 10000' Custom game world to allow the quality managers from WC 10000 (and other WC's) to compete with each other where there will not be any managers ruining teams as they will not be allowed in or able to buy from unmanaged teams.

Preference to teams will be allocated to long standing managers and teams managed in WC 10000. Personally I will not be choosing Inter as it has taken me two years to change this team from the old to young players!!!

There will be 40 teams available and I will update this post with teams chosen, so sign up here for the great tribute to World Championships.


28 teams - 2 Divisions of 14 Teams

NO Buying from unmanaged

NO Transfer Windows

Each team starts with £20m

3 Up 3 Down - With Play-Offs

28 Confirmed teams/managers

Bayern Munchen : tecalee

Galatasaray : Racky

Dortmund : Will

Arsenal : markdoogle

Milan : hog0101

Barcelona : Mike H

Man City : taylor8

Juventus : Pitung Drughi

Liverpool : Gozzy

Real Madrid : Tombstone

Man Utd : slbquista

Chelsea : AngusPAOK

Inter : lincVillan

Ajax : BroodRoosterNL

Tottenham : Narin

Porto : Nikidinho

Valencia : steauseka

Napoli : ruggermad

BMGladbach : drseanfitz

Athletic Club : barnabyd

Lille : RieceM96


Roma : Simo M

Atletico Madrid : Danny Van Hecke

Sporting CP :

Schalke : TheMar Afc

Lyon : Preppens

Lazio : 123_ABC

Waiting List:





Jose Nowinho


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Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

Well I have been in WC 10,000 since day one so I guess I'll give 5 teams that I would love to be. Never had them in a competitive world so would love Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal or Dortmund. If not then I would take PSG as that's who I am in 10,000.

Cracking work though :)

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Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

Chris Hogg in since day one as Lille' date='would really like Manchester United or AC Milan:)

To be Honest wouldnt really want Lille again,as ive been there done that;)[/quote']

I think the Man Utd manager in WC 10000 would like Man Utd here, he has also been in 10000 from the beginning.

I do not think the Milan manager is a forumer (I may be wrong) so Milan may be okay :)

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Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

well id like







Man U

Man City



or Villarreal who i am in WC10000

Im easy really:D

Off the top of my head, I know Inter and Man City are defiantly available :)

I'll take a look at the others that are not managed :)

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