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Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)


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Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

Ive heard that Papadopoulos is first choice for Milan but I dont think Schalke will be willing to let go of him' date=' not for a small fee anyway now that they know Milan are loaded.[/quote']

Wouldn't be surprised if Milan did bid some huge amount for Papadopoulos. He is def a hot prospect

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Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

I read somewhere that he was impressing in a starting berth in a few friendlies? Isn't that true? :(

Oh yes it is. Him, Insigne and Pandev have all been quite impressive. Will he start, probably not with Cavani coming back, but he'll certainly get playing time if he stays. I have read we're still thinking about allowing him to go on loan, but that will depend if we get a new striker or not.

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Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

Hi' date='

1. anybody know what mexes' maximum rating is?

2. Moreover does anyone know what his rating will be after the next review?

3. How long will he remain a 91 for?

Thank you :)[/quote']

To keep his 91, he needs to keep his place in the French NT, and Milan need to stay top 4. He will need to play in 75%+ of their League games, if he remains fit.

If injured long term, he will keep his 91.

If he keeps his NT place, yet makes less than 50 % appearances for club and/ or Milan sink into the bottom 1/2 of the table, he will perhaps fall to 90.

IF the above happens AND he doesn't keep his place in the France team, then the likelihood of slipping to 90 increases.

If Milan do well in both League and Champions League, and he is central to their defensive schemes, then 92 is a possibility.

Acerbi and Zapata are decent competition for him for starting places, but I can see him fending them off. Conclusion - most likely 91 for rest of season, in my crystal ball star gazing opinion

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