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tracking TOP Risers


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Hi SM fans,

after reading and being around for a few months I decided to join the forum.

I would like to make my first post not informative, but rather collecting thoughts. Like others, I am interested in signing players that will eventually rise in ratings but the fun of this thread isnt just that.

I would like to keep a table of TOP risers, from every league of the world. No matter if we'r talking of current 90+ or 75 ratings. All of them included.

I would like that next member posts few predictions of the players with best chances to incrase in rating.


Name Surname 75 --> 80

I will update the thread if you guys are interested, keeping all your records and thus we'll keep track of top players to watch out for rating change ;)

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Re: tracking TOP Risers

arr a fellow west brom fan!

El Sharaawy 84 > 86

Fabio Borini 83 > 86/85

Matija Nastasic 80 > 83/85

Cristian Tello 82 > 85/84

Isaac Cuenca 84 > 85/86

Alcaron Isco 85 > 87/88

Inigo Martinez 83 > 85/86

Ryo Miyaichi 80 > 83/84

John Guidetti 81 > 85/86

Adam Maher 83 > 85/86

Mateo Kovacic 75 > 80/83

Chris Smalling 88 > 89

Micah Richards 90 > 91

Joe Hart 91 > 92/91

Alexis Sanchez 91 > 92/91

Marek Hamsik 91 > 92/91

Lavezzi 91 > 92

Edison Cavani 91 > 92

here's a start anyways.

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