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Morecambe FC - Rise Too Fame (GC131)

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New Manager Too Bring Life Too Morecambe FC!

Late last night league two out fits Morecambe FC named young English manager Mattuie Beckett there new coach. The side who is sitting 16th in the league have a long way too go before being a good team but with him as the coach anything could happen. The young coach has been quick too bring out the black book and managed too sign three loans and he has said he hopes next season too show his teams power too there full.


First Player Having Medical!

Well it was all over the news pappers on who would be the first signing, a lot of names came up but the first player having a medical with the League two side is none over the Henri Lansbury. The 21 year old has 29 caps too his name but will be costing a nice 2.4 million too bring home. He has not stood out at Roma and now will look too put his name back on the map in the lower leagues of English football.


How Will League Two Cope Now!

In what could be called the best signing the club has ever made Ruud Van Nistelrooy will be joining up with Beckett in League two. The Dutch striker aged 35 has played 91 games in German football but is now ready too make a impact under Beckett. He is expected too join in the next 24H at a cost of five million and manager Mattuie Beckett has said he will be a key name here too help us push too be a bigger team. Van Nistelrooy who has played for sutch teams at United and Madrid could be said too be making the wrong chose but who remembers when Sol Campbell graced League two for Notts County I do and he then ended up at Arsenal so anything could happen for the onces star of the EPL.

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