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How To Scout For Players


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This is a guide designed to help you find new talented players and will also show you how to do good deals and point you towards helpful threads on the forum. Hope it helps.

Firstly when going out looking for players it can be useful to look in the found a talent section of the forum. Here you will find reports on players who have been scouted by other forumers.

You can find similar reports in the player talent scout section of the forum as well as discussions about new players.

After looking at all those places it is likely you will still have to do some scouting yourself if you are in a competitive game world, here's how to do it, it's pretty painstaking work but it can be worth it:)

1) Open up SM and then in a new tab go to Soccerway. Soccerway is a useful site where you will find stats for pretty much every player on the SM player database.

2) Go to "Competitions" at the top of the page and you will find all the major leagues. A league that is particularly good to look in but isn't there is the Russian League.

3) Then go through slightly obscure teams looking for players that feature a lot. For example at the time of writing a striker for Braga, Lima has 19 goals in 25 games. (I managed to get him in English Championship 7046)

4) Search the player on SM in which ever league you want.

5) If they are at an external team the go for it and buy them.

6)If you are unsure whether to buy a player it is useful to search the player on google for example "rodrigo lima transfer" and then change the settings for results "this month". If they are being linked with bigger teams thats a good sign that you should buy.

I hope this guide has helped, please feel free to leave feedback.

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Re: How To Scout For Players

Nice thread.

Agreed, good read.

I like to search (in transfer filters) for:

Max age = 18

Min rating = 70

Max rating = 75

Max price = 250k

Then I like to Google Search these players to see if I find any good stories/reviews that really stand out and look promising.

After this, I check them out on the Transfermarkt site to look at stats and progress.

I then try to find any YouTube footage of them - I'd say I've been fortunate enough to find footage of about 50% of players.

Hope this also helps someone :D

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