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Spanish Risers

Arsenal Nathan

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Re: Spanish Risers

Tello 82 > +3

Hervas 75 > +6

Bigas 78 > +3/4

Pozuelo 80 > +3

Cristian Gómez > +3

Barrada 82 > +3

Satrústegui > +4

Joel 78 > +4

Pulido 78 > +4

Mendy 77 > +3

Samperio 77 > +4

Bernardo 80 > +3

Cadamuro 78 > +4

You have this on forum' date=' [b']next time search a bit mor[/b]e ;)

Thank you.

I have only just come back to playing this game again. I drifted away from it for a year or so. I wasnt sure if the current threads were much outdated, nor do I really know where SM are at with the ratings.

Sorry I'll search next time! :o

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Re: Spanish Risers

Yea I definitely will.

Put an offer in for Tim Krul aswell' date=' of Fabianski +1.25m, surely he will rise.[/quote']

yes 1/2 for him.courtois,eneko,pulido(atl madrid) are also some players to take.i have them in my team,they can make some profit.and also isco from malaga,he is one for the future.

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