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Tactical Formation Help! Urgent!


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I've recently took over a team in the bottom division with a few friends as a promotion challenge kind of thing. I have an average rating of 82 at the moment but have made loads of signings.

This is my current team: (3-5-2)

*Starting 11*

GK: T. Warner (80)

RB: Kyle Walker (88) <-- On Loan

CB: S. Fabio (82)

LB: N. Belhadj (86)

RM: T. Cathalina (72)

CM: S. Douglas (87)

DM: J. Welsh (76)

CM: A. Thiago (88) <-- On Loan

LM: S. Reynaldo (83)

CF: K. Miller (86)

CF: L. Akins (76)

Tackling Style: Normal

Mentality: Attacking

Passing Style: Direct

Attacking Style: Through the middle

Tempo: Fast

Pressing: Own half

Play Style:

- Counter attack

- Use playmaker

- Use target man

I have signed lots of players for this team, I have many players which are rated better than ones in the starting 11 but am wary of making too many changes, I've already put in two loan players and edited there starting 11 (keeping as many of there original team in there are possible).

This will be my first game in charge and previous experiences have made me not want to change the team much, as I have lost. So do I feed them in slowly? Is there any truth to my thinking & would you make any tactial changes?

Any help would be really appreciated!

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Re: Tactical Formation Help! Urgent!

sorry. there is only one thing that i would like to know before answering you about formation.

i'm presuming the majority of your opponents are unmanaged but are they stronger than you?

More than half are unmanaged but they aren't stronger than me.

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